Japanese Home Builder Using Blockchain to Simplify Rental Contracts

Japanese Home Builder Using Blockchain to Simplify Rental Contracts

By stvleong | Steven Leong | 9 Jun 2020

Japan's home builder Sekisui House uses blockchain technology to bring leasing for rentals closer to one-stop.


In Japan, one of the largest builders is planning for its rental contracts for those apartments.
Sekisui House said it would use blockchain for renting housing contracts, which include electricity and gas, on June 8, announcing the company's website. The actions are to be taken before March 2021.

Users who stay in "Shamaison" rental homes can register their phone numbers and addresses to enter the property without ever contacting an immobilizing agency. Current technology helps Sekisui House customers to open and close doors
with just their smartphones.

Switch to one-stop rentals
In other countries, homebuilders have pushed property rental contracts for blockchain registration. In June 2019, Cointelegraph announced that Malta regulators mandated that contracts be registered on a blockchain to protect them from Manipulation and ensuring permitted access.

Japanese blockchain company bitFlyer Blockchain announced in July 2019 that they had partnered with the Sumitomo Corporation to start an immobilized business with intelligent agreements on its in-house Miyabi blockchain.

Sekisui House, in collaboration with KDDI and Hitachi, started developing an immovable information management system with blockchain in 2017. The company is a member of Nexchain, a group of companies that exchange knowledge on blockchain technology.


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