What might an ideal "relationship" look like?

By stevea68 | SteveA | 10 Nov 2020

So let's hypothetically say you've met "The One" and you may no longer feel any need to post here, but let's also assume you want to leave a bit of advice (or some "bread crumbs") for the rest of us to hear. 

What would that advice be?  What would such an ideal relationship look like? etc.

For years I've enjoyed having a daydream/fantasy/imaginary etc. "girlfriend" in my life.  Some of the best moments each day is laying down in a nice warm bed and enjoying the company of 'someone' who's totally "got-my-back" and I've been continually wondering why it (at-least-appears-as-though) the "real world"seems to be in such disagreement.

Overall, I'm wondering why life seems so confusing and conflictory, and I welcome suggestions as to what resolutions there may be to this.

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I'm a semi-retired engineer looking for some ways of earning a little on the side and using cryptocurrencies seems like a good way of doing it :)


I'm limited to 510 characters for a description, so I'll waste a few making that comment. What else? There's a ton - are Big Bang and Cyclic Universe theories logical illusions? What forms of mathematics create beauty? Coffee, tea or a chocolate bar? ... or maybe what would an ideal partnership with someone be like? I'm both a "couch surfer" and explorer ... where might you like to go? I'm wishing us all the best.

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