Thumbs down? Why not? This post is begging for down thumbs

By stevea68 | SteveA | 19 Feb 2021

Are you one of those people who are always nice and have difficulty complaining or saying "No" etc.  Maybe someone comes up and wants to cut in front of you in line at a store or they say mean things for no reason except they appear to need to do so and you keep tolerating it for a long time ... well, do you want your chance to give all that CR@P a big ole THUMBS DOWN!!!!!!

Just do it!!  Thumbs down my post.  We're all going to forget about it (maybe or maybe not but who cares life, is life).


PLEASE THUMBS DOWN THIS POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Thanks to all the "thumbs downers" *bows in appreciation*)

Maybe we can fix this stuff someday.

If someone is "on the fence" about this and needs more of a reason to thumbs this post, feel free to post a comment.  I may be able to reply sufficiently well *fingers crossed* to inspire a thumbs down ;) ... up to you.

Imma lead the way with a big "Boooo..... this post sucks man!!!!!" *thumbs down*

(Oh the humiliation is already practically unbearable LMAO!)


Thanks much!

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I'm a semi-retired engineer looking for some ways of earning a little on the side and using cryptocurrencies seems like a good way of doing it :)


I'm limited to 510 characters for a description, so I'll waste a few making that comment. What else? There's a ton - are Big Bang and Cyclic Universe theories logical illusions? What forms of mathematics create beauty? Coffee, tea or a chocolate bar? ... or maybe what would an ideal partnership with someone be like? I'm both a "couch surfer" and explorer ... where might you like to go? I'm wishing us all the best.

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