The Nevada State Legislation selecting Electoral Representatives in favor of Donald Trump for the 2020 Presidency

By stevea68 | SteveA | 14 Dec 2020

Other State Legislations will also be selecting Electors, per the U.S. Constitution and not necessarily following claims by some news outlets or electronic voting machines as to what the result should be.

I admit that even if it had been for Biden, it would still a win for the U.S. Republic and I like how all the votes are publicly visible and potentially verifiable, even in person by someone who might want to witness the voting.  (There could still be other question marks but it's a lot better than trying to follow a chain of custody through mail systems, obstructions to witnessing ballot inspections, electronic voting, even potentially over the internet to possible foreign agencies etc.) 

Anyway, it's nice to see some individuals acting in support of the U.S. Republic.

Too bad there were such scandals in the first place and I'd prefer to have not felt a need to get involved as I'm not really a diehard patriot and it's difficult to trust much of anything over the internet but I've been watching things go downhill for decades and this could be a good start for a turnaround.

*applause* for the Nevada State Legislation

(This is a bit long but for those interested.  In some ways it's ironic that this is considered historic because it's actually the way EVERY State is suppose to do it unless they simply decide to cede things to something else, Take back the power.  If someone wants to get involved contact their State representative)

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