... the musical montage continuation #2

By stevea68 | SteveA | 14 Nov 2020

Let's stop by for a bit and visit Mr. Eric Church.  Though perfect 20/20 vision tends to regard hindsight, maybe he had some 2020 foresight:

Record Year by Eric Church

I've never seen the movie "Interstellar" but I've watched so many clips and music videos of it that I've probably seen 70%+ of it at one time or another and my guess is that it's one of the best movies that's come along in years - it's nice to simply watch it through a screen but not have to live it.

Outro by M83 with video clips from the movie Interstellar

How about something a bit more terrestrial?

"At Least We Stole the Show" by Kygo with James Parsons

An interesting question to ask could be "Why is there so much interplanetary drama?" (or maybe there isn't an I'm simply being the overdramatic one? ;)

This video reminds of a quote "... longing fingers, starlit land."

Worlds Apart by Seven Lions

This song reminds me of another quote "Come back tomorrow."

Here's a cover of Song to the Siren by Sinead O'Conner

Oh well, maybe someone got lost or confused.  Screw it - let's take a dive and go exploring ;)

Below the Ocean by David Arkenstone

Well, I guess we keep on keepin' on ... and maybe sometimes not :/

I Used To Be by Momento

(the video for this is simultaneously amazing but also heart touchingly sad)

At a minimum, one thing seems rather certain is that I can still enjoy some music on occasion and I'm happy for that :)  Thanks to all the authors and people that put their time and energy into creating it.


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