... the continued musical montage #4 (Goth and Heavy Metal)

By stevea68 | SteveA | 16 Nov 2020

Happy Monday.  Why not keep the turn table spinning and try something else?

The song Nothing Else Matters is a classic but Apocolyptica did it with a twist

From what I can tell Tarja and Tuomas were an iconic duo that had another one of those "wouldn't it have been nice if ..." break ups.  His compositions and her amazing voice were an excellent match.

Sleeping Sun by Nightwish

Here goes - let's try adding a little "heavy" to the mix 

One Million Light Years - Amaranthe

Keep the speakers on high - this is "Rusty Nail" by X-Japan  

*taps the brakes a bit to slow it down but they do little of anything*

Oh well, I guess that means go with it!

Blank Infinity by Epica

*feels around and pulls back a bit on the hand brake* ;)

There we go.  Something a bit slower - Tallulah by Sonata Arctica


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