The beauty of Trump

By stevea68 | SteveA | 20 Nov 2020

I believe I've "hit upon" what so many people LOVE (yes, it deserves capital letters) about Mr./president Trump.  It has little to do with any specific policies or being a part of a particular political party etc. ... what is SO beautiful about the man is that he's been an icon/leader in showing that the molds can be broken.  It's not even that he specifically "fought" against any form of oppression - it's simply that, for many, he's been a wayleader showing that whatever form of "the system" someone is experiencing, you can simply reject/ignore/oppose it and live the way you most desire.

I remember someone not saying that Trump's job was to be an ideal president or solve all the world's problems etc.  What was said was that Trump's job was simply to be the figurative "Bull in the China Shop" to shake things up and I specifically remember Trump saying basically the same thing, that he never had, or even wanted to be President but instead (I assume it was implied) that he felt obligated to "return the favor" or do due diligence etc. in protecting people/society etc., and potentially in an entirely selfish manner to preserve a general form of life and social structure, but ultimately I think practically everyone has similar desires whether they admit it or not.  

The mistake (if such is possible) could be that ultimately noone needs protection.  There aren't truly any slaves - nothing forced anything to be what it is and ultimately we're all completely free to whatever extent/capabilities we have to be so.

At a minimum, I'm here every day, moment to moment, thought to thought and even if the only "freedom" left in each moment is simply to decide in each moment which direction and how to scratch a fingernail to dig through to the surfacfe of an underground prison cell.  Eventually, things will change and I am SO much looking forward to this:

and ...

I have nothing against Biden or much of anyone else but I feel there's not so much of a need to have "preparedness drills" because we're probably about as good as we're ever going to get and there may come a time for a true "launch".  (Yes, of course we all know we're going to fail but that's all cool because "Que sera, sera" ... nothing really ever changes and we're still practically at "Groundhog Day" #0).

Blame my post on the alcohol if you want (I think that's at least a 20-30% valid "argument" but it really never made me drink it and I had some ability to resist posting crazyness here etc.)

Why would anyone ever want to hang together down all these crazy "rabbit holes", and even if they did, would it really help much?

Maybe I should've entitled this post "Drunk Dudes Ramblings"?  I SERIOUSLY seem to keep getting closer to the point where that MIGHT actually be the appropriate title and I'm beginning to wonder if there might be a day where the main thought in my mind will be "God save us all" ... but I don't seriously think that will help.

Let's just push all these dang crazy socialist/communist/aggressive/inconsiderate/thieves out of the place and buy ourselves another decade or two to relax and figure out what direction we should head next?

There's no need to reply.  This is all something for a "backburner" to consider, when you've got nothing else to do.  I think we're still fine but it's an issue that appears to need better resolution at some point.

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