States in the U.S. to enforce elections in other states?

By stevea68 | SteveA | 9 Dec 2020

Wow, this rabbit hole is getting deeper every day!

So, apparently Texas is suing 4 other states for violating the U.S. Constitution for elections.  Now, if we're still to maintain a the guise of living in a constitutional republic, then this should be in the hands of the Supreme Court (and indirectly, if enforcement is necessary, by the Executive branch of government) to rule on.  Rumor has it other States may get onboard as well.

So, let's say the Supreme Court decides it's not an issue for them to rule on, then Texas (and other States) is(/are) free to "enforce" this however they want ... possibly taking resources or penalizing those deemed involved.  Does that potentially imply a "civil" (misnoemer) war?

On the other hand, if the Supreme Court takes it up, if they rule, against explicit Constitutional requirements, that State (laws and their) Legislations aren't responsible for determining Electors but can instead be determined by arbitrary alternate sources, then that frees up all other States to determine their Electors in such a manner as well (though technically this should be done via a Constitutional amendment) ... then the question becomes - "What is a State?".

If, instead, the Supreme Court rules that the State Legislations are responsible for determining Elector selections, and a State refuses to respond then, once again, the Executive Branch (including President Trump) would become involved in Federal enforcement.  Alternately, if the State(s) comply with the ruling and attempt to enforce Constitutional election proceeding, that's still a "can of worms" but it appears to be the most likely path to maintain peace (except it still leaves open a lot of other possible future problems)

So overall, what's the primary fundamental issue involved?  My guess is that some people are acting inconsiderately and unfairly, even to the extent of violating "civil" interactions.  Another possibility is that "the Internet" is a crazy place and it could be a good idea to limit ones exposure (including myself) to it.

I just got a flash of an image of rats jumping off a sinking ship.  Maybe just let Trump have his second term and figure out a better plan for 2024?  Hmmm .... "The best laid plans of mice and men ...".  I wonder what's the intent behind this stuff.  Shouldn't the golden eggs be enough or does someone think they can also take care of the hen that lays them?  I'm skeptical.

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