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Poem: Another Typical Day

By stevea68 | SteveA | 5 Mar 2021

We rise, as settles, morning dew. 

The sky is clear.  The day is new.

We hail the first of morning Sun.

Tomorrow brings a day of fun.


We pull together - pay our dues.

Enjoy the light in all its hues.

Prepare to have tomorrows dance and

hope that when we get the chance ...


... to flow through life with all its paces

and find pleasure as time races


that though we may not have that much.

we're still grateful for the touch

of rhythm, music and its sound

with all the senses flow 'round.


and as this day draws to an end

it’s very nice to have a friend

though we may laugh or we may weep

these are memories that we keep.


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