Music Compilation #49 - Better Than Words (Happy, Lovie Dovey, Feel Good stuff) :)

By stevea68 | SteveA | 19 Feb 2021

There was a song by Morrie I encountered quite a while ago that is largely sung in Korean and I understand practically nothing of it in English except the La, La, La refrain! LOL  Despite that, the music and singing still has a certain "feel" which seems quite pleasantly joyful, carefree and .... might I also suggest - in love?  There are also other songs that in different ways convey similar feelings and I remember once saying that every song is a love song, in the sense that something was motivational enough for someone to create it (some of those are painful to listen to but I guess that's part of "the job" in life).

Well, to me these songs are not painful to listen to ;).  Some are ones I've replayed many times and others are newer discoveries but these all tend to make me feel happy and energized in one way or another and I'll begin with the group One Direction (because my inner "Fan Girl" seems to have an addiction too! LOL) and this song seems to just know how to make me want to start bobbing my head, whistle while smiling and being tempted to pull a few dance moves! Hahaha

So let me head back to the original intent of sharing a couple enjoyable Korean women singing some lovely music.

This is that (adorable and cute) song "La, la, la" by Morrie

and here's another cover of a similar style song, though I think this was initially done in Chinese ... sorry, not that great at different languages, might as well all be Mandarin to me ;)

A translated cover of Love You So Much You'll Know It by Ysabelle Cuevas

Ah, I'm just having fun being goofy this morning.  Thanks to everyone who helped inspire it :)  Here's a scene from Joe Black.  Enjoy

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