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Music Compilation #47 - Elton John

By stevea68 | SteveA | 4 Feb 2021

Elton John has been a prolific musical composer, artist and performer.  His main career began in the late 60s and he's still performing.  He's produced over 30 albums and many top hits (i.e. Circle of Life, Tiny Dancer, Nikita), especially during the 70s.

He was even knighted by the Queen of England and some years ago I came across this newer song and nicely choreographed video with which I wanted to share.  

Blue Wonderful by Sir Elton (Hercules) John

There are so many choices available by him but here's one I haven't heard in a long time and it's video I haven't seen before.

Sacrifice by Sir Elton John

One of his main hits has been "Your Song" and here's a performance of it in the movie musical Moulin Rouge.  I bought that DVD and played it quite a few times ... should've had a better ending but I guess writers block is a common theme.

Once again - impressive "choreography"

Your Song from Moulin Rouge originally written by Sir Elton John

Enjoy your day or evening.

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