Music Compilation #36 - Marc Pattison

By stevea68 | SteveA | 10 Jan 2021

I discovered Marc Pattison a long time ago and though he's got great music, it doesn't seem he really took off in the industry but maybe I can help get him exposure.  A lot of it is heavy rock with an electric guitar and awesome beats that beg to get the body moving.

Here's one of my favorites - about a minute in he uses a vocoder to get his guitar to talk.  Fun stuff

Stargate by Marc Pattison

... and a "groovy" (I can hardly remember the last time someone used the word - I guess that carbon dates me :) ) piece:

Funk 97 by Marc Pattison

This one is a more mellow and melodic piece with some beautiful rhythms and harmonies in it.  Could be a good listen while laying in a hammock on a tropical island somewhere?  If I could play that well, I'd bring a guitar alone too!

Morning Sun by Marc Pattison

There ya go - hopefully they were worth the listen.


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