Music Compilation #26 (Home Free)

By stevea68 | SteveA | 23 Dec 2020

Home Free is a 5 man acapella group I've followed for a while.  They've got a range of voices and either an incredible "beat boxer" or they're cheating ;)  In any case, it's a pleasure listening to them sing and here are a few of my favorites by them:

You can tell they had fun making this one.  Good song and singing, what's not to like?

A Home Free cover of Try Everything by Shakira 

They tend toward country songs but it's a mix.  They did an excellent job at mixing new chords with smooth singing on this song, originally written by John Denver.

A Home Free cover of Take Me Home Country Roads

This song by Alison Krauss and The Union Station has a lot of covers.  Check some of the other ones out as well, but his is the Home Free version

Man Of Constant Sorrow cover by Home Free



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