Music Compilation #25 (Joshua Radin)

By stevea68 | SteveA | 23 Dec 2020

Joshua Radin is a music composer who generally writes songs with a soft instrumental folk/indie/pop "vibe", but that's not always the case.  He sings and plays well with enjoyable harmonies (IMO).  I bought one of his CDs as a "thank you" and I hope he got a decent percent of the deal ;)

Here are a few samples of his music

Lovely Tonight by Joshua Radin

This one's a bit more upbeat so you can "get your boogie on" ;)

Beautiful Day by Joshua Radin

I've got to thank Scoobertina for this one (that's just a reference to an online friend from years ago)

Friend Like You - Joshua Radin

He has some that aren't entirely instrumental as well.  This song is one that I enjoy and have heard quite a few covers of.

The song "Only You" by Yazoo but done Joshua Radin style

Till next time


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