Music Compilation #19 (Ronald Jenkees)

By stevea68 | SteveA | 15 Dec 2020

Here are a couple compositions by Ronald Jenkees showing a mix of synthesized musical compositions that I've personally loved.  I bought a couple CDs because I think it's a good idea to give a bit of monetary feedback to the economy, though there are a lot of composers, artists and even commercial advertisers I should have probably done more to support ... but what to say?  ("You're a cruel one Mr. Grinch" comes to mind)

Maybe this post will help Mr. Jenkees or others ... maybe not.  I'm washing my hands clean.  Enjoy what you can/want in any event.  Personally, it's nice to see he's been still active online. 

Throwing Fire by Ronald Jenkees

If you've got nothing else to do today, a suggestion is to throw a thanks at an artist you enjoy.

Guitar Sound by Ronald Jenkees

Peace out.

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I'm limited to 510 characters for a description, so I'll waste a few making that comment. What else? There's a ton - are Big Bang and Cyclic Universe theories logical illusions? What forms of mathematics create beauty? Coffee, tea or a chocolate bar? ... or maybe what would an ideal partnership with someone be like? I'm both a "couch surfer" and explorer ... where might you like to go? I'm wishing us all the best.

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