Music Compilation #18 (Yanni)

By stevea68 | SteveA | 11 Dec 2020

Yanni is a self taught musician and composer that began playing the piano and moved into electronic synthesis as well as working with other diverse and talented musicians to create some unique styles of music.

The music video from the performance of "Live at the Acropolis" was the 2nd best selling concert video of its time ( )

This is Aria by Yanni

Many of his pieces contain relaxing piano backgrounds and here's a good example:

From a live performance of Nightingale by Yanni in the Forbidden City of China

Here's a fun one.  He did a "cover" (if you can call it that) of "The Storm" by classical composer Antonio Vivaldi.  I'd definitely be one of the people applauding the performance:

The Storm by Antonio Vivaldi, performed by Yanni (and his talented crew)

There are many other great Yanni songs you could explore but I'll end this with (another) one of my favorites, except let's try a less "Photoshopped" studio production version of it and instead more of a 24/7, "behind-the-scenes", "Sorry, we won't be able to erase any bad notes or farts etc." view of life instead.

A rehearsal of Santorini by Yanni

Thank you, Yanni.

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