Music Compilation #13 (Boy bands)

By stevea68 | SteveA | 4 Dec 2020

Gotta occasionally give some credit where it's due and how about some to the boy bands that have contributed to our musical listening pleasure?  At times, I think I have an "inner fan girl" of One Direction.  No homo, just *high fives bro!* ;)

A fan made video for Better Than Words by One Direction

In the U.S. Westlife never seemed to gain a lot of popularity but, from what I heard they did better in other countries.  Here's a sample:

My Love by Westlife

Another boy band that was relatively unknown to me was Big Time Rush but they have some good music as well:

Paralyzed by Big Time Rush

Of course there are a lot more boy bands not mentioned here but maybe you've discovered a new band to add to the list.

*continues on whistling a few tunes*

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