I wanted to share some more mathematical images I've generated

By stevea68 | SteveA | 16 Apr 2021

Hi, all.  I haven't posted much recently, but wanted to share some more computer and mathematical images I've generated over the years as a thank you to Publish0x and the great group of people we have here.  So here are some (more) samples of images I've encountered / created over the years.  Feel free, of course, to explore them (or not) at your leisure.

For your perusal, here is the image - "Dragon Feathers"


Dragon Feathers

This one I call "The Pictopedia of Etherforms"


Pictopedia of Etherforms 

This image was, until recently unnamed, but has become entitled Emily Island


Emily Island

This image is named Space Carnival 3000

Space Carnival 3000

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I'm a semi-retired engineer looking for some ways of earning a little on the side and using cryptocurrencies seems like a good way of doing it :)


I'm limited to 510 characters for a description, so I'll waste a few making that comment. What else? There's a ton - are Big Bang and Cyclic Universe theories logical illusions? What forms of mathematics create beauty? Coffee, tea or a chocolate bar? ... or maybe what would an ideal partnership with someone be like? I'm both a "couch surfer" and explorer ... where might you like to go? I'm wishing us all the best.

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