Free on-line "Choose Your Own Adventure" stories

By stevea68 | SteveA | 9 Feb 2021

There's a website that has many choose-your-own-adventure stories similar to books where you read what events are happening and have choices of what you want to do and then turn to a page or section number to discover the result.

This website is based upon the "Fighting Fantasy" series of books, which uses 2 dice for rolls and allows for the character to have items in inventory or gain clues that can change the result of what happens at a location, though the stories at are varied and some are based upon more modern themes (i.e. going to a dance festival).

For a quite simple and short, though tricky to win adventure here's a sample Lair Of The Trogolodyte but one very lengthy and involved is the A Shadow In The North series ( ).  It spans 3 different modules / books on the website and statistics and inventory items can be taken with you from each module to the next.  I cheat a bit and copy the url address at various points to act as save game locations.  You can also try the same story but make different choices and see how things unfold.

Another set of modules that can be played end to end and has a rather crazy science fiction theme is: Wrong Way Go Back and the Tales from Bird Island is another quite lengthy and fun adventure.

Enjoy your gaming.


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