Kramer and Jerry on Seinfeld

Creative writing: A possible scene for an episode of Seinfeld

By stevea68 | SteveA | 19 Sep 2021

I had some fun writing a hypothetical scene for the sitcom Seinfeld and wanted to share it here for any fans.


The scene begins with Kramer, rushing in through Jerry's door and stating loudly "Jerry, today is your lucky day!"

Jerry watches Kramer push a shopping cart almost overflowing with a chaotic pile of "stuff"

Kramer puts his hands in the air as an excited emphasis and exclaims: "Taadaaa!!" and then folds his arms and smiling at Jerry in satisfaction.

Jerry, rather non-plussed, rubs his chin while looking at the cart, "Oh yeah ...?" and looks a bit closer at the cart, gaining some interest, then begins to reach for something inside. "Is this one of the original Batman series collectable ...", Jerry begins to ask but is quickly interrupted by Kramer reaching to grab the action figure first.

Kramer, "I've already got a customer for that", then after a brief thought "Unless you're willing to go 10 bucks ..." while looking at Jerry with a questioning pause but quickly sees Jerry doesn't appear very interested.

Kramer continues on by saying, "No, Jerry, my man, you are looking at the next big business opportunity." as he reaches into the cart and pulls out a VHS tape, which he holds up to victoriously display to Jerry.

Jerry looks at the tape and begins to read "Oh, a Little House on The Prairie episode ..", but is interrupted by Kramer.

"and wait there's more!" Kramer exclaims as he begins to dig down into the cart pulling out more VHS tapes, while Jerry remains rather passive, watching the flurry of activity.

Jerry slowly begins to read a few of the titles that are lying about, "Indiana Jones and that looks like Close Encounters ..."

Kramer quickly states "That's just a bonus, Jerry. Tik Toks are the up and coming thing. Can you believe they were selling these for 10 cents each!!"

Jerry, a bit puzzled, slowly states with a wry smile, "Actually, yes ..."

Kramer, unable to contain his excitement quickly says "and I'll let you in on half the action!!"

Jerry, rather confused, asks "What action? Do you even have a VHS player?"

"That was partly why I came over. I saw one at the thrift store but it was 20 dollars. You want to split the cost?" asks Kramer.

"But we can already watch most of these on Netflix ..." begins Jerry, but Kramer continues "... ah, but what if all you had was a VHS player?  Did you think of that?" and looks at Jerry with a smug and satisfied smile while nodding his head, as if to congratulate himself on his insight, and then pats Jerry on the shoulder while Jerry appears to be a bit stunned and bewildered.

"It's bigger than that, Jerry. Tik Tok videos are the up and coming thing. I know of at least 2 other video stores going out of business. We can watch some of the movies, then rerecord over them with Tik Toks and sell those for a profit and then move to another State. Rinse and repeat! Jerry, this could go worldwide!!", states Kramer in quite serious excitement. "Ah, a life on the road ..." Kramer begins to say with a growing smile as his gaze drifts away dreamily.

"But most people can just watch them on their phone.", says Jerry.

Kramer, with a knowing smile asks Jerry, "but how many people don't have a phone? Ah?!", with a wink and continues, "... and every one is a potential customer!"

Jerry asks, "How many people can even play VHS tapes anymore?".

"I reckon about 47,000." states Kramer quickly and continues, "Think big, Jerry. I did my research on this and estimate there are around 1,200 stores within driving distance that might have used VHS players. So when the Tik Tok VHS craze begins, we'll have the market cornered!" and shakes his hands excitedly.

"Ah ... Kramer, I don't know ...", Jerry begins to say in a bit of a pleading for mercy voice as he turns around and looks for an excuse to leave.

"Well, do you have 10 dollars so we can go halvsies on one and watch these videos?", Kramer quickly begs.

Jerry, with a bit of a resigned expression begins reaching into his pocket, "Ah sure, I guess." and then quickly adds "but no popcorn on the floor and I don't want you bringing over all your friends like last time."

Kramer hugs Jerry in excitement "You're going to be a rich man!" and heads toward the door continues saying, "This is one of the best investment decisions you made." he passes through the door while continuing to talk with heartfelt emotion coming to him "I'm telling you Jerry, we are going to ..." (Kramers voice begins to fade out until it becomes inaudible).

Jerry looks around the room as if wondering what to do and then stoops down to look more closely at the videos. "Oh, I haven't watched this one in ages ..." as he continues on appearing to grow more interested in Kramer's stash of goodies.

--- scene ends ---

Hope you enjoyed that.  I remember the first few times watching Seinfeld and I would be laughing at most all of it.

and here's a hello to the Publishers here.


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