Are you acting or reacting?

By stevea68 | SteveA | 20 Nov 2020

Quite a few events in "the news" this year seem to pressure many, including myself, to react/response in certain ways.  Much of this appears to simply be memes or stories quickly passed around via the internet, news or other forms of, largely indirect, social communication.

An alternative possibility is to look at how you might prefer things to be and instead of reacting to external inputs and largely being part of a passive audience, become an actor or creator.

It's not that either of these (as well as other possible manners of living or ways of viewing life) are correct or preferred, but this post is simply intended to be a figurative *tap on the shoulder* to get those who may desire something different than "the status quo" to apply more self determinism and write "the story" more along the lines of how they'd prefer.

I do believe there are older structures and systems that will be falling away and new possibilities for alternatives will arise - if/as that happens, to what extent do you want to follow someone/something else's narrative and to what extent would you like to write it the way you want?

Interesting things to consider - Aaron Doughty has some great thoughts about this:

As the blinders are removed, I think you'll find there are many more options available than simply a binary left/right, up/down, or right/wrong, but that can be something challenging to adjust to if the mind's become overly acoustumed to living inside a small space.

In any event, it's all good.  Like Aaron said, we're heading somewhere better ... but there could be a lot of twists and turns along the ways and much of time it's just moment to moment and one step at time.

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