Uphold - An alternative out of this wallet?

All brave browser users complain about the only option to receive via Uphold. We would like freedom in terms of withdrawal! On August 27, Brave announces the development of a wallet application for ETH and BAT, revealing that it is developing a cryptocurrency wallet for Ethereum tokens.

One article commented that O Brave talked about its development in a blog post on August 27th. According to the announcement, the browser wallet will support Brave's ERC-20 Basic Attention Token (BAT) token, along with other Ethereum and Ether (ETH) -based tokens and collectibles themselves. In addition, the portfolio will support interaction with decentralized applications - also known as DApps - that are known to make Brave a Web3 browser.

However, the wallet cannot interact with Brave Rewards. This means users cannot transfer any BAT between Brave Rewards and Crypto Wallets - the name of the developing Brave wallet. Currently, users are responsible for key management, and Brave recommends that users “keep regular backups” if they want to try the Crypto Wallets trial version.

Future compatibility with Brave rewards

According to the announcement, Brave plans to add a transfer medium between Brave Rewards and Crypto Wallets. The company plans to add Uphold support to its wallet, which will allow users to transfer cryptocurrency resources between their account, Brave Rewards and Crypto Wallets.

In addition, Brave plans to integrate Crypto Wallets with Brave Rewards directly, rather than relying on a Uphold wallet for private key management. By the announcement, this will be one of the biggest projects for the company to complete in the development of Crypto Wallets.

Are we free from Uphold? Everything goes for an extra option, a different alternative that will have everyone's acceptance.

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