The overwhelming rise of Chiliz

Chiliz recorded new records in just one week, accumulating a 575% increase! This project really tends to grow quickly, but you have to be careful as it can be corrected and you need to know the right time to enter. It is important to add that CHZ has formed partnerships with football clubs ie Barcelona, ​​AC Milan and Juventus and recently with PSG. Have you ever imagined If football went back to what it was before the covid19, which brand would reach CHZ? It's good to think about it ...

attention to corrections


Burning tokens

A twitter by Joe Greck and retweeted by Chiliz himself, makes the following interesting comment: "The next $ CHZ burn will be interesting. The total value of all previous $ CHZ burns now almost $ 30 million." This is interesting because burning creates a greater search for tokens, making it more difficult to achieve and increasing their value.

Twitter Joe



Exchangers listings

To further demonstrate this rapid growth of Chiliz, it is recently listed on 2 more exchanges, in the USDT and BRL pair. It is already listed on the largest exchanges and this tends to give strength because of the liquidity that these exchanges provide.


This CHZ ecosystem is really growing, so take the opportunity to take a closer look at this project as soon as possible, because 'tomorrow' it may be way beyond what we imagined ...

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