Publish0x - How to add iFARM to your TrustWallet

Publish0x - How to add iFARM to your TrustWallet

After the new announcement about payments of the iFarm token, for many this is clear and easy, for others it generates doubts, even when the preferred wallet is the one you want to withdraw.

Would TrustWallet be compatible?

Wanchain is Integrated with Binance Trust Wallet. More simply, "Wanchain is a blockchain ecosystem that allows the exchange of digital assets between privacy-protected blockchains and smart cross-chain contracts. Wanchain's infrastructure simplifies the creation of financial dApps, as well as loans, asset swaps, ICOs and other asset management features. " explained an article.

This means that it is a great wallet to store your iFarm of course if you prefer!

How to make?

P.S: Another way to add iFarm to trust is shown by Igor in his post.

1- In your Trust wallet, select the BNB Smart Chain and copy the receiving address as shown in the image:



2- Paste in the payment withdrawals section of your Publish0x from iFarm and save it by confirming it in the email.


3- As soon as it has been paid for by publish0x, there will be a payment notice in your email along with an option to view the transaction. There you will see his contract address.


4 - Copy the contract address.



5- Go to your trust click on the icon as the image and paste the contract in the search.



6- Automatically the iFarm token will be added to your wallet with the amount paid.



Note: if you choose to use the metamask, you can synchronize it in the trustwallet anyway and use the smart chain network as shown in the binance instruction article:

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