Handy Pick - A game for analysts

I had read about Handy currency on its website and downloaded this application which, according to its purpose, was to 'get it right' if any specific currency would go up or down within 24 hours. The website approaches the application as a fun game, and it may even be, it depends on your point of view. For me, it is more than just 'getting it right', it is an analysis that must be done and this is not something without mere result.

Handy currency gains

If you access coinmarketcap, you will see how much that currency has grown, and if you are a good analyst, it would certainly be a source of earnings for you, not just a mere diversion.

P.s: The amount may vary at the time of writing this article.


Handy Markets

At the moment it is only listed on 02 exchanges, these are:

  • Coinone
  • Hotbit

If its value is so considerable in just 2 exchange offices, imagine if it expanded?




The app is available for Android and iPhone. 


I'm trying and I'm having a good experience with him. Your Handy Withdrawal is just 1000 coins at a rate of 143 Handys.


If you want to try and act as a good analyst, download it create an account, enter a code (code : 55VWWK) where you get 100 to start and 30 to register, totaling 130 Handys to start.

Not bad for those who are already in that market and know the ups and downs of a currency from the inside ...

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