Good Hacker - A Help to Binance Jersey

A 'white hat' hacker, as hackers who follow the security side are known to invade, but within the law and ethics, compromises Binance Jersey's Internet domain name along with their Twitter account. .




Exchange Binance Jersey reported on August 16 that he was able to access the Twitter account @BinanceJE (official Binance Jersey profile) and the platform's Internet domain name.

BinaceJE says the white hat hacker was cooperative and open in his communications with the security team, and managed to restore the domain name within minutes and Twitter dealt with it a few hours later.

All funds in Binance.JE are safe. No data has been compromised. The hacker will be rewarded for helping with the security bug, and Binance Jersey expands its reward to any hacker who wants to help the exchange.

She says: "If you are a white hat hacker and want to report a security vulnerability with any of the products within the Binance ecosystem, we invite you to review the Binance Bug Bounty program.
You can be rewarded up to $ 100,000, depending on the severity of the reported problem. "



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