DEFI tokens indicated by trader

DEFI tokens indicated by trader

There was an article that I thought was important to share, talking about some tokens that a trader indicated in March to make a profit in April. For those who like to practice trader, the article says:

1 Token:

"1inch (1INCH)
The first token mentioned by Altcoin Sherpa is the aggregate of decentralized exchanges (DEXs) 1inch (1INCH).
According to the trader, when analyzing the crypto price chart, it is possible to notice a “bullish accumulation pattern” that precedes a price surge. In other words, it is possible that, in the coming weeks, 1INCH will rise again. "


2 Token:

"Aave (AAVE)
The trader is also focused on the Aave token (AAVE) which is being traded at around US $ 370.89 (R $ 2,052).
Regarding this crypto, Altcoin Sherpa emphasized that it had an even stronger rally than previous digital assets in January and February. "


3 Token:

"Finally, the trader talked about Polkadot (DOT) which, according to him, is in a period of price consolidation. The current price of the crypto is around US $ 37.60 (R $ 208.10) with a slight up 2% in the last week. "


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