Brave Nightly - What's New?

The Brave browser is ready to implement more features, Coindesk reported on Thursday, August 15.

Support for native cryptocurrency wallets has been added to Brave Nightly, according to a shared Reddit post. Brave Nightly is a trial and development version of the browser.

The upgrade allows other cryptocurrency portfolios, particularly MetaMask, to be used to store Brave's native token - the Basic Attention Token, or [BAT]. All transactions first pass compliance requirements through Brave's partner Uphold wallet.

The lack of support for other ERC20 token portfolios, such as MetaMask or MyEtherWallet, has angered the community since the official launch of the BAT token. But all of that was in the scheme. Brave wanted the cryptocurrency use case, which is the tip for content production, to be used.

Project co-founder and CEO Brendan Eich said concerns about user identification (KYC) are still a concern - for regulatory reasons.

He states: “Brave can't let bots with Ledgers and Trezors form a bad image of the project, and we should avoid going to jail if any authority in any country sees BAT as a threat. BAT goes through a verification process through Uphold, and I will defend the decision by citing growth numbers, publishers, and users. ”

Eich confirmed that Brave has added support for P2P wallets in order not to circumvent regulations but to serve the community. Adding support for other portfolios allows browser adoption to remain “clean”. Complete Eich:

“We have no illusions that the core of cryptocurrencies is not for most users - it is inapplicable and very technical. We want users entering this area to have integrated wallets in Brave. These users can innovate and collaborate with us on websites and other channels, such as hardware wallet vendors, US services and even their favorite implementation blockchains, to innovate beyond what we alone cannot do. We like 'leading users' and provide them with extra options. ”

In the meantime, we look forward to a day when we will not use Uphold, and will have support for several withdrawal options.


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