6 changes to the Ethereum network - A promising currency 2020

Ethereum is undoubtedly one of the currencies you should keep and your portfolio. If you have it today, surely by 2020 you will be smiling when the whole process is launched next year.

The Ethereum core developers on Thursday finalized a list of six code changes to be activated for the next Ethereum system-wide update, known as Istanbul.


As discussed at previous meetings, Istanbul will be implemented in two parts. The first, which will feature all six code changes, or Ethereum enhancement proposals (EIPs), is expected to run on the Ethernet network in October.

The second part, which is being scheduled for core network activation sometime in the first quarter of next year, will feature EIPs that require further testing and deliberation from key developers. These include a proposed mining algorithm change called “ProgPoW”.

We are looking forward to these changes, the more excited you will be who has the coin in your wallet.

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