First walk outside the compound
This plant grows on the compound at the entry of the music therapy building. The blossom is only open in the morning

First walk outside the compound

I know, i am nearly finished with my biology master degree, but I don't know many flower species. So the pictures of this blog entry will most likely have no names given to the potrayed plants. I'm also sorry fornthe qualitiy of the pictures but like I said in a previous post I'm only working with my mobile phone here.


Okay, so yesterday it was 2 weeks after my second Moderna vaccination so i am fully immunized now and am allowed to leave the compound. Yesterday was not a really good day, I felt empty and not well. Another patient that helped me to get back on a better level, got a panic attack because I didnt think about using the right words and triggered a flashback... We both got her back to a normal state with a breathing excersise, but I felt terrible and toxic for my environment. So I was glad when I could finally take the first steps out of the clinic compound. I was alone and there was no chance I could hurt somebody I care for. The clinic compound is nearly on the edge of the town so it didnt take long and I was looking at corn and wheat fields. This is also due to the fact, that the uninversity has an agrar facility in the same street as my clinic.

But I will stop talking now and hope you enjoy these impressions as I did yesterday.

I start easy with a sunflower, so I don't embarass myself completely^^

This little butterfly getting some nectar or just resting.

Pretty in pink, i guess 🙃

A thistle, not sure which one. The species name of thistles is Echinops which translates into hedgehod-like 😁

I hope you liked 1 or two of the pictures. I wish you a great day and maybe someone here knows the plant in the last image, because I'm totally lost. Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting my blog.

I don't know what plant this is, but i think the leaves rolled in like this look pretty amazing.

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Stefan's therapy blog
Stefan's therapy blog

Hey, my name is Stefan and i'm currently in a stationary psych ward because of depression and some bi-polar tendencies. I just want to post some stuff around my therapeutic stay.

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