Web3 is coming.

By niallon11 | HIVE Blockchain | 6 Aug 2020



This will be a first for me. I have just downloaded the @dapplr app and have been using it for the day. I had partiko back in the day which was a game changer while it was working. It was such a great app for posting to the chain and keeping up with all the notifications. Everybody was sad to see it decline.

I use ecency at the moment and while it does the job it has never been a smooth process to use it on mobile. Whatever the reason but it has never been up to scratch and still has a lot of bugs in the system.

This is where dapplr comes in. Even though it has just been released it is already a great app. Just from the functionality and options that it gives you I am very optimistic about it. It is an app that anybody could use regardless of experience with hive or with blockchain. This is where the future of hive will lie. Web3 options that look and smell like the real thing. Operating on hive and tokenising apps that we used to use on the old system.

New alternatives to old systems that reward the users rather than use them as commodities for sale and exploitation. We are looking at the future in real time as new solutions are built onto the blockchain every day. Nft games like @splinterlands. Marketplaces like @nftshowroom.
Apps like @dapplr.

These are all next generation solutions that we are lucky enough to see first. We have the chance to get ahead of the curve and be a part of these new and exciting projects from the very beginning. Even better they will empower us to earn while all of this is happening.

They will pay us to be involved with them. Blogging, gaming, selling our work and our content. In the unlikely event that hive is not successful I have no doubt that these practices will be. In one form or another Web3 will replace the current standard as it doesn't work anymore. Hopefully we are the lucky few that backed the right horse but undoubtedly there will be winners.


I'll be all in with #HIVE anyway.

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