Staking $CAKE to Cub finance kingdoms. Earning double rewards.

By niallon11 | HIVE Blockchain | 5 Jun 2021

It's so great after all of this time to be able to properly jump into the DEFI area. The reason for this being the @leofinance team developing a platform that is simple to use and that we can trust.


You can do your own research but personally I have seen them building in this space for the past few years. Have a good track record with their users and live up to their promises. They have shown their worth as a project and I feel safe to put my crypto on their site.

As always, it is still at your own research.
"Not your keys, not your crypto."

I do however love earning more and this requires taking it out of cold storage and putting it to use. With the high fees on Ethereum and the large number of rug pulls that we have seen in this area I never felt inclined to do so until this point and with a project that I can believe in.




Where it started

Cub finance has it's origins on the hive blockchain where the team started out by creating a tribe for financial and crypto content.


You can read more about that on an old post of mine which has more detail on the LEO site and it's activities.

An Invite to Leofinance


Over time as the site grew in numbers and popularity the team decided to expand into other areas of crypto. They created a DEX on hive and educational tools for new users. They added value to the site and to their token holders which all tie in nicely together.

Then they made the leap into DEFI. This was eagerly awaited by people who had been watching the space since day 1 and they did not disappoint. The site is built onto the BSC for it's speed and low fees. It has ties back to the hive blockchain and the earnings are used to provide value back to both their LEO and CUB tokens.

In the beginning there were liquidity pools and dens. These were a great start for most of us and the people that got in early did earn a lot of $CUB as the block rewards were higher for the first few weeks.

The price has dropped since those first few days as the reward chasers have moved on and it is now finding it's base level. Luckily for me it just keeps adding up regardless of price and earns passive income. I'll check back into the price in 2022 and see what happens in the meantime.

For me it is a non issue as they are just after launching and it will take time to build a customer base and create demand. They have been well able to do this with their past projects and at the rate they are building here i can see it going the exact same way again over time.


This is the latest offering form the team and the one which has gotten me all excited this week. Just recently they have released the first of their kingdoms.


An auto-compounding machine that will earn you rewards on your $CAKE tokens while paying you in $CUB to use the site.



What's not to love?

Just over a week ago I jumped in the very first day to try it out.

I put in 100 $CAKE and let it do it's thing.

I now have 108.2 after the first week from compounding my earnings and trading the $CUB earned in the den back to $CAKE as well to help it along.

Just from the compounding nature of the Kingdom I am earning 0.28 CAKE back on my stake every day. That might not seem like a huge amount but it will only increase over time as I keep adding into the kingdom and it keeps growing every time it compounds.

  • 0.28 Per day
  • 1.97 Per week
  • 8.4 per month
  • 102.2 per year

And that is my original investment made back in the first year. Not only that but the kingdom is earning me another 2.6 $CUB per day as well.

At current prices that would be

  • $2000 in CAKE
  • $800 in $CUB

This brings it well above my original investment and those are flat numbers as well.

Then you take into account the $CAKE compounding inside in the den and they go up a bit more. Buying more $CAKE from the $CUB earned by using the kingdom and it goes up a little bit more.

You can see where I am going with this...........

What is next for Cub finance?

From what I can see, the next step is adding even more kingdoms.


Transfer the $CUB den to an auto-compounding system.

Make it even easier to use the side and to make some gains from DEFI.

Marketing and promotion are on the horizon.

They have also created an Ethereum to Binance smart chain bridge making it quick and easy to transfer tokens from one chain to the next.

These are only the bits that I know about. I imagine that there are a lot more plans than this which will keep adding to their eco-system and will make Cub finance a great site to be a part of going forward.

Until then I will just let my crypto do the hard work and keep making those gains.

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