SNAX integrating the STEEM blockchain on May 14th

By niallon11 | HIVE Blockchain | 11 Aug 2019

SNAX Blockchain

This is an interesting project that came to my attention a few months ago and I signed up to it when I got the chance.

What is Snax: Snax is a blockchain which rewards people for the content they create on public social media and provides them with free instant transactions by social account name. As an overlay solution Snax can integrate any established public platform. It builds bridges between these platforms and brings crypto closer to the people.

[Ref: snaxteam]

The first social media that they have linked into is Twitter. A popular choice as it has 326 million monthly users and has individuals from across every segment of life. If the SNAX blockchain is going to be successful then utilizing twitter could be a great platform to launch the project to a large and diverse audience.



Platform number 2 to get integrated is going to be the STEEM blockchain. With about 50k active monthly users we are a totally different proposition to add SNAX. What we do have is an active and educated community that know crypto and blockchain with the knowledge to spread it to a wider audience and educate more people. That is our unique selling point as a platform for projects.

How it works

The great part of this is that you don't need to join yet another platform or post more content to other sites. SNAX will work on top of your existing posts. It will measure the attention brought to your posts on both STEEM and twitter, rewarding you for how well they do. The more attention and interaction the posts get, then the more SNAX you will earn in the distribution.

How do rewards work: you simply keep posting on any Steem-based platform (or Twitter, or any other platform integrated with Snax) and get rewards automatically for any content you've posted. There's no need to replicate content on an alien platform, as well as no need to create a paid artificial content - stay true to yourself. In the case with Steem, you will gain not only STEEM tokens but also SNAX ones without a single extra action.


Joining the blockchain is quick and easy through their site and if they can gain momentum and adoption it's a no brainer for those of us using both STEEM and Twitter at the moment anyway. This will just add an extra reward layer to the work that we are already doing and since it will be based on a popularity algorithm means that people can all earn a lot of them just by posting some popular work. There are no factors in regards to stake or length of time on the platforms just getting your content into the public eye.

While I do post regularly on the STEEM blockchain my twitter activity is non existent. I had a profile for a full decade without ever using it until this year. My sole purpose for using it is promotion of the STEEM blockchain and for the projects being built upon it. At the moment my posts will earn me little to no SNAX as I have no following but hopefully going forward I can combine my STEEM activity to my Twitter activity and grow them both together. Luckily for me The SNAX blockchain can combine rewards for both platform in one handy project with even more platforms to come in the future.

The wallet is on a chrome extension and you can see your SNAX on their website as well as the distribution. At the moment there is no outlet for spending or trading the tokens but as this is the very start of the project the group is working on these aspects at the moment. I think that it is an interesting idea and will be using it going forward as it requires no extra effort other than what I already do Hopefully we can see @snaxteam get some good projects involved in the future for us to spend the tokens on.

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