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By niallon11 | HIVE Blockchain | 6 Aug 2020


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For a long time today, it didn’t feel like I was going to achieve very much. In the end it turned into a slightly productive day. It’s not over yet and being a Thursday, I will be playing football in a couple of hours hence the early post. But I am back to work tomorrow after a couple of weeks off and will need to go straight to bed after football for that dreaded 4.30 am alarm. That I have not missed in the slightest.

The work part? Didn’t really miss that either.

I fully enjoyed my couple of weeks off from the hectic and horrible retail life that I am currently trapped in. That endless cycle of work and early mornings only broken up by the intermittent swooping visit from head office to declare our inadequacies.

I had some great days out. Drank, ate, relaxed and played some golf along the way. Everything that a good holiday needs. Didn’t even have to leave the country as everything that I want is right here.

Today however I was feeling especially lazy. That feeling when you know something bad is waiting just over the hill and you have no motivation to do much except try to avoid it for as long as possible. Played some Ssplinterlands. Wrote a few comments and watched the end of umbrella academy ( Great show, by the way). All in all a solid piece of procrasitination.

While ii was doing a lot of nothing I checked my emails and finally got a response from my old college. I had requested my records weeks ago as I wanted to apply for an online course in “Blockchain for Business.” Perfect right?

I wrote about it while ago as part of my 500 words and wasn’t sure if I would even apply at the time. The deadline is Friday but I had made up my mind a few weeks ago. Everybody on hive said go for it. Everybody in my life said it was right up my alley and once I got over the fact I would need to study again I said it was too good an opportunity to pass me by. A subsidized course ran by my old college for one year based on crypto and blockchain. As somebody looking for an out from retail it is a no brainer to follow into what I already spend most of my spare time reading and researching on with the hope of working in the sector at some stage.

I already know some of the greatest people in the blockchain game through hive. I might even be able to teach the lecturer a thing or two about setting up a business with blockchain. Anyway, I put in my application for it today. My CV was dusted off and updated. My records sent on. I’m not guaranteed to get a place in the course but I like my odds. It will be a 12 month online course and I am looking forward to studying crypto and business hopefully.

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