We need to start thinking hard about validator privacy


We're seeing a narrative emerge that would have those who run a node be held responsible for the legality or illegality of the transactions processed by that node.



A narrative that has led to a bill that, if passed, could turn Ethereum node operators in the United States into outlaws.



A narrative that, judging by Christine Lagarde's recent musings , may have a chance of gaining traction, even in Europe (if they cannot find another way to shut decentralised stablecoins down).




And while it is always healthy to hope for the best at the start of a struggle, it is also wise to prepare for the worst.




As it stands, deanonymisation in Eth2 is frighteningly simple. To fail to address this is to facilitate the arrestation of our very thoughts and ideas – through the seizure of computers running free and open source code – and the unjust persecution of the humans they belong to. In a word, it is a failure of our humanity at the deepest level.


If we are to stand a hope of living up to our ideals, of protecting our fundamental rights – to privacy, liberty, freedom of thought and expression -- across all jurisdictions, we, the Ethereum community, need to start by seriously engaging with the existing research on validator privacy. We need to provide funding to teams willing to accelerate this research, and start turning these ideas into implementations we can test.

Now is not the time to stand idly by.


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