Maria Makiling

Mount Makiling is a mysterious mountain of Laguna, Philippines. It is said that an enchanted lady lives there. According to folklore, the name of that lady is Maria. 

When mountain hikers went astray and get lost in the mountain's forest, the only thought that comes to mind is Maria, playing with them.

Although playful, she protects the forests and everything that naturally lives there. She does this task without harming anyone. With this in mind, people living in and around give respect to the mountain. Doing their part to protect it from any kind of harm.

I made a sculpture of her using paper mache clay. The bulk of the paper that I used was clean waste paper (corrugated boxes, paper bags, etc.). 

A series of blog posts on how I created her can be found in the link below. 


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Dennis Tolentino
Dennis Tolentino

Paper Mache Clay Sculptor

Statues and Maquettes - A Paper Mache Sculpture
Statues and Maquettes - A Paper Mache Sculpture

A three-dimensional sculpture of a complete or full body of the figure or groups of figures that can be viewed on different vantage points and all sides.

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