Wakanda Inu: An African Dog Meme Token

By thefreethinkeer | StartUpInsider | 2 Feb 2022

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The development of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology as well as the penetration of its adoption has been positively touching the lives of the global populace, this technology has applicability in various areas of our social, economic, biological and cultural lives.

Meme coins have been in existence for quite awile in the industry, the recent tweet by tech billionaire, Elon Musk stating his support in adoption of Dogecoin have gone a long way in pushing the mainstream adoption of not just meme coins but blockchain and cryptocurrency technology as a whole. In this article, i talked about Wakanda Inu, a community governed meme token that was born from the warm and deep consciousness of the spirit of humanity.

Introducing Wakanda Inu

Wakanda Inu is a decentralized African dog meme token that is introduced to drive the actualization of charitable courses across the lives of humanity. With a great stamina and high up energy that is coupled with an incredible dominance of super hearing and vision, Wakanda Inu constitute a strong African spirit that is fully alive and awaken with a mandate of driving a successful change across the globe.

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With the drive for an accelerated and targeted social impact across the globe, Wakanda Inu is on a mission to deeply exploit and utilize the abundance of native skills. Filled with true African spirit and the power of decentralization, Wakanda Inu, the African dog captures the rich glory and unrivaled essence of all that it takes to become a successful predator. The project holds values and utilization instances which includes but not limited to;

  • Wakanda Inu token public sale was quite transparent in the sense that there was no special allocation for the project team members. Every early supporter (including team members) got whitelisted before pledging their support, after which 80% of the raised funds were locked and allocated for liquidity, the remaining 20% is used to maintain the project and community to a successful moon mission.
  • With a drive to impact lives and promote unity in a decentralized manner, 5.4% of Wankanda Inu token total supply is allocated for charitable courses. This is a great way of giving back to the society, especially the ones in dire need. This idea will go a long way in strengthening the idea of meme coins.
  • Wakanda Inu native token, $WKD have quite a number of interesting and rewarding use cases which includes but not limited to: Staking, farming, projects incubation with grants and partnerships, NFTs and gaming. This is indeed a collection of use cases.

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Wakanda Inu Ecosystem & Its Various Products

Wakanda Inu ecosystem is built and equipped with a good number of remarkable features that includes:

  • NFT Marketplace: With the rate at which NFTs are attracting the interest of particularly the mainstream populace into the crypto space, Wakanda Inu will feature the next generation of assets backed nft marketplace where it will not only feature the buying/selling/minting of art NFTs but also NFTs representing real world assets.
  • LAB: The project will feature a lab that handle all matters related to incubation, managements and funding of start-up projects. 50% of revenue genrated from the lab will be utilized for $WKD buy back and burn, while the remaining 50% will be used to manage and maintain the lab.
  • DAO: Wakanda Inu is by designed owned and governed by it community of enthusiasts and supporters, thus its the community that is solely responsible for proposing and voting for updates and development of the project's ecosystem.
  • Consulting: The project will provide consulting services to both incubated projects and outside projects that requires it consulting service. This consulting service will be managed by the best in the area of project management, investment, marketing, tech and media among several other fields.
  • Prediction Market: This features a decentralized platform where both crypto and non crypto enthusiasts come to predict on real world events in order to earn rewards. Participants will have to deposit some $WKD into a pot in order to be able predict an event, this is quite an interesting use case that will do well in driving adoption.

Wakanda Inu Token ($WKD) & Its Tokenomics

$WKD is the primary utility token of Wakanda Inu project ecosystem, the token is minted in binance smart chain ecosystem with a current total supply of 185.5 trillions $WKD tokens that will fuel the economic growth and value of the project's ecosystem. Wakanda Inu tokens will experience a periodic burn which will be as a result of token buy back and burn from revenue generated in labs and other ventures of the project. Find the detailed tokenomics below!

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Project Development Roadmap

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In Conclusion

Meme coins and tokens are making a wave in the crypto space, majority of whome have no particular use case. Wakanda Inu is a meme token that was invented for a justifiable cause, which is charity and a host of other valuable use cases that will support, promote and generate value for the project and it community of enthusiasts. Do check on the links i made available below for more insights into the idea of Wakanda Inu, thanks.

Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Telegram | Facebook | Medium | Contract Address


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