Tune.FM: A Decentralized Audio Social Media That Incorporates Micropayments for Musical Streaming and NFTs

Tune.FM: A Decentralized Audio Social Media That Incorporates Micropayments for Musical Streaming and NFTs

By thefreethinkeer | StartUpInsider | 25 Nov 2021


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Technological advancement in music industry has a long standing history, over the past centuries, the world has witness the invention of different sound recording and playback devices that has consequently created a market for the sale and distribution of musical products and experiences. Over the centuries, terrestrial radios and the idea of artists performance right emerged, providing a medium of monetizing musical broadcast to compensate artists.

The emergency of the internet brought about a paradigm shift in the global musical business model, all musics suddenly become free of charge as they are freely distributed over the internet's decentralized peer to peer networks. Over the years, internet musical platform like iTunes tried to revive music economy for artists by monetizing downloads but soon enough fans started getting tired of the excess cost of listening to musics. Eventually platform like Spotify emerged, allowing fans to listing to thousands of songs after paying as little as $10 subscription fee.

Tune.fm is a revolutionary solution for the music industry that will pave a clear path for artists to monetize their talents and make money directly from their fans.

Introducing Tune.fm Musical Solution

Tune.fm is an independent global marketplace for musical artists to collaborate with themselves and distribute their musics as well as connect with their fans directly. The current global music industry is no doubt suffering from a number of bottlenecks that range from problems of licensing and publishing rights to master rights and the need for a hybrid licensing. Tune.fm revolutionary product solved these problems with the introduction of it non-exclusive hybrid music licensing that combined both publishing and master rights for artists, allowing the platform to publish, sell, stream and broadcast musics in return for payment in both cryptocurrency and fiat for the wide variety of cases that their music is being used.

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Artists having label or publishing deal can also be part of tune.fm economy even when they still have existing rights arrangement, because tune.fm's non-exclusive hybrid license basically integrates download, streaming, mechanical, synchronization and performance licenses as one global license that could be gotten by any artist from any part of the globe in order to aid their musical monetization. With music being one of the oldest media form in the world that uses a common language to connect people of diverse culture and stir up their minds, change their mood and emotion as well as changing lives. Tune.fm thriving global music marketplace has a solution that will go a long way in helping everyone to discover remarkable independent musics.

Tune.fm Platform's Advantages

Tune.fm music ecosystem is equipped with a rich collection of advantages that can be independently utilized for monetization by anyone, some of these advantages includes;

  • Decentralized Music Distribution: Tune.fm empowers artists to interact and sell stream and distribution directly to their fans with decentralized cryptocurrency micropayments. This remove all idea of managers or middlemen and create a level playing ground for all artists and fans.
  • A Platform for Music Discovery: With tune.fm marketplace running on a fully tokenized economy, the ecosystem will feature full-time music discovery experience as the platform will operate in form of a social media.

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  • Artists & Fans Reward: Tune.fm ecosystem rewards both creators and curators in the ecosystem's native token (JAM), as artists earn tokens as creators and the fans also earn tokens as curators, what an economy!
  • Lightening Fast Global Micropayments: Tune.fm ecosystem utility token is deployed in the popular Hedera Hashgraph blockchain in order to achieve a borderless transaction between artists and fans at super fast and nearly a zero cost, this will go a super long way in helping artists consciously monetize their talents.
  • Top Notch Security: Tune.fm's utility token (JAM) being deployed on Hedera Hashgraph blockchain, this blockchain utilizes a Proof of Stake (PoS) virtual voting concensus protocol and Asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerant (aBFT) to reach a consensus within seconds with 100% security.

Tune.fm's Proof of Stream Audio Protocol

Tune.fm artists will have a dashboard that crisply display the identities of their fans with every seconds of their stream and various payouts as as Proof of Streaming, fans will also have a similar dashboard displaying how much they are earning from streaming as well as their various payouts to different artists.

Artists will need to purchase provably streaming minutes with the proof showing down to every seconds, fans will also need to purchase provably streaming minutes with crisp proof showing how much is paid to every artists as well as the number of streams required to gain copy ownership. Tune.fm's kind of digital ownership can be extended to an albom ownership.

Tune.fm Ecosystem's Notably Features

Features that makes tune.fm a remarkable decentralized musical marketplace includes but not limited to;

  • A Musical Social Network: Asides being a musical streaming platform that is sitting on a core audio technology, tune.fm featured a complete social media layer that artists and fans can utilize to seamlessly interact with themselves via fanning, reviewing or direct messaging.
  • Reward for CrowdSourced Reviewers: Fans can directly be involoved in a critical review of musics by adding value with their various commentaries, opinions and curations that will all be monetized. Review contest will be organized with various set-up criteria for fans to participate and earn rewards in JAM tokens.
  • Playlisting: As fans gets more acquainted with tune.fm's platform, they can build their individual playlist that will be public, and as these playlist gets popular and gain followers, fans will be rewarded as curators in JAM tokens in the proportion of stream that their playlists attract.
  • Radio & Broadcasts: This is the first of it kind radio that pays you in real time to listen as tune.fm will feature all kinds of curated radio stations that pay users in JAM to listen and give their rich review and comments.
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Tune.fm Ecosystem Token (JAM) & Tokenomics

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JAM is the native utility asset of tune.fm project ecosystem, the token is minted in the renowned Hedera Hashgraph blockchain in order to serve as the fuel that will power all economic activities between artists and fans within tune.fm ecosystem. Being decentralized, the token will be come borderless, making everyone from every part of the world able to spend and utilize it to their very own advantages.

In Conclusion

Music is one industry that have gained prominence from over the years due to the deepness of it affection to people in various ways, as time passes and things changes over time, the music industry is also going through a great leap of changes that recently the professionals (artists) are no more getting profits for their works and efforst. Tune.fm is bringing a paradigm shift to the economy of the business of artists in a way that have never been seen before, i will emplore you to follow the links in provided below for much more info into the idea of this remarkable product, thanks.

Website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Medium

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