Samecoin: Decentralizing Crypto Wallet's Payments, Identity and Finance

By thefreethinkeer | StartUpInsider | 21 Aug 2021

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Leaving banking is a growing movement, but people no longer keep their money under their mattresses, rather they hold cryptocurrencies. In particular, the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) coin. Taking full control of your money and working with DeFi coins has many advantages over traditional currencies.

But there is another area where traditional banks have an advantage – savings. When you deposit money in a bank, you usually earn interest. While crypto has investment potential, this growth usually only occurs when your assets are sold at a profit. Just keeping bitcoins won’t give you anything until you sell them. There is no interest rate on hodling. Fortunately, things are changing with the Samecoin ecosystem, and owning the Samecoin ($SAMA) utility token can be a very profitable investment with recurring payments – whether you have banking services or not.

Introducing Samecoin

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Samecoin was launched on the Binance Smart Chain platform with a total supply of 99,999,999 SAMA. Later Samecoin will serve as a utility, governance and reward token. Samecoin will fully support the Samecoin ecosystem through fundraising, the proceeds of which will be very useful for the development of the Samecoin ecosystem. Users can also stake Samecoin for passive income.

Samecoin Ecosystem

There are many payment platforms operating in the crypto market which offer various features and solutions to global users. These crypto payment platforms do not stand alone, sometimes they need native tokens to support their development and operations. This native token also has many advantages for its holders, for example, if you have a CAKE token, then you will get many benefits on the PancakeSwap platform. Like the CAKE token, Samecoin is a utility, governance, and rewards token that will support the Samecoin ecosystem.

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Samecoin has many advantages for holders, such as users will get lower fees on Samepay if they use Samecoin or when exchanging crypto on exchanges or when buying products. Also, the purpose of launching Samecoin is for fundraising which will support the development of the Samecoin ecosystem. And also users can stake Samecoin to get passive income every day. The more Samecoins they stake, the more rewards they will get.

Samecoin Features

Samecoin is a utility token that will support the Samecoin ecosystem. By owning Samecoin users can get benefits such as lower fees when transacting on the Samepay platform or when exchanging crypto on exchanges and shopping for products. But that's not all, there are several other features of Samecoin includes;

  • Stable: Not just a utility token, the Samecoin ecosystem also has a stable coin which is perfect for users who are more interested in stable digital assets. The stable coins provided by the Samecoin ecosystem, for now, are SameUSD and SameEuro.
  • Decentralized: Samecoin adopts a decentralized economic system, which does not allow the platform economy to be controlled by only a few parties. Holders can participate in the governance platform.

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  • Payments-driven: The solution offered by Samecoin is the most intuitive and accessible payment infrastructure for users around the world.
  • Verifiable: Stablecoins provided by the Samecoin ecosystem can be verified by anyone. So it is completely safe and transparent for all users.

In Conclusion

Samecoin is an ecosystem that provides platforms like SamecoinProtocol, SamePay, and SameID. This ecosystem will facilitate users for their crypto needs. And Samecoin is a utility token launched on the Binance Smart Chain platform that serves to support the Samecoin ecosystem. By using Samecoin, users will get reduced fees on the SamePay platform or when exchanging cryptocurrencies on exchanges and purchasing products.

Samecoin will be sold in a fundraising program and the proceeds will be used for the development of the Samecoin ecosystem. But it's not just a utility token, Samecoin is a governance and rewards token which means when users hold Samecoin they get voting rights in Samecoin ecosystem and they can stake their Samecoin to earn rewards. Do check the links i provided below for much more into the Samecoin's ecosystem.

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