Revenue Coin: A Tokenized Revenue Based Ecosystem

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If you are an investor and wants a new advanced technology and Social change, you have to know about the so called cryptocurrencies, unicorn set up and creator economy. Statistic shows that there is rapid growth in the crypto market, that is, the number of people with Cryptocurrencies is increasing and the amount of blockchain wallet users are more than 70 million in April 2021.

According to CoinMarketCap, the market capitalization of cryptocurrencies exceeded USD 2 billion in April 2021. Both blockchain technologies and transaction automation changes investment methods. Advanced technological tools are now becoming available to everyone

Get to Know About Revenue Coin

Revenue coin ( The first revenue token in the world) is an innovative and globally unique token designed to connect network users and companies together. Hence, revenue coin revolutionizes the market token which provides clever and creative entrepreneurs the an access to financial support via a community with millions of users. Interm of exchange, companies can share revenues with token holders. As such, holders of revcoin tokens receives a dividend as companies revenue. Revcoin supports individuals to access projects that were restricted such as, exclusive business sharks, investment funds, and banks.

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Revenue coin opportunity is offered by a blockchain technology. It is manageable, faster and accessible. Revcoin is for those who loves challenges and profitable opportunities. It is an opportunity globally and also in neighborhood. Revcoin operates in an environment of companies where people helps one another inorder to achieve a goal. Revenue coin mechanism is based on the actual results gotten from 10% of companies revenue. When buying revcoin token, you will have the right of companies revenue.

The business model is based on the smart contract. In traditional economy, similar mechanism is used for companies allocating part of their dividends to acquire and buy back their shares. Number of shares decreases and prices rises. The greater the revenue of the companies linked to Revenue coin, the greater the range of token burning, and the higher the burning rate, the higher the value of one token. Hence, an increase in the value of Revenue Coin also involves an increase in the unit price of the token related to the provisions of the smart contract.

Why Revenue Coin is a Stand-out

There are issues regarding the creator economy like product commercialization. Investors with capital, economy and business knowledge has advantage than creators to develop scalable and profitable. Thanks to tokenization and blockchain revolution that changes this misuse of power.

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Platforms like substack, tiktok, treats creators themselves as a community they sell. Creators and their projects can recapitalize and relocate part of their revenues inorder to increase the value of token through buying and burning it.

Revenue Coin Project Economy

Cryptocurrency exchange is growing rapidly. The volume of daily trading of cryptocurrencies is more than 200 billion dollars in 2021. This means that, there is increase of over 200% per year on average. The growth of the entire market is as a result of growing revenues of companies committed in the project.

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Revenue coin is otherwise called revenue token. Buying revenue token means you will have the right to be part of the community revenue. Settlement between the enterprise, issuer of token by buying and burning of token which increases the value.

Why Concider Holding Some Revcoin for Yourself

As a Revenue coin holder, you will be part of the development of the project. You have the right to vote for the best project. Each Revenue you hold gives you a vote. According to research, the value of Revenue is continuously increasing . The main reason behind this, is the buyback and burn mechanism.

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Initially, the price of Revenue coin token in sale is 0.01 USD. If 10% of the market share is reached, the token valuation will be up to 0.86 in the first year. Revenue buyback and burn mechanism will increase the revcoin value. If you buy a token, there will be a huge difference between the purchase price and the actual value of the Revenue coin.

Revenue Coin Token (RVC)

RVC is the native utility token of Revenue coin project ecosystem, the token is minted in BSC blockchain with a total supply of 1,729,481,687 RVC tokens that will serve as fuel that will power all the economic activities within it ecosystem. RVC already have tons of use cases, ranging from staking to voting and governance among others.

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Meet the Team

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Notable Partners

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Project Development Roadmap

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In Conclusion

Revenue coin ( The first revenue token in the world) is designed to help people have access to a to projects that are restricted for a very long time ago. Holders of Revenue token has the opportunity to vote for the better project. This is indeed fantastic, do follow the official links i made available below for much more into the idea of Revenue coin, thanks.

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