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The cryptocurrency market is becoming larger and getting better and bigger in the world. And as the crytocurrency keeps growing and growing, it has become an important part in earning money and as a medium for transactions among customers and investors. For that reason, pulsar coin wallet exchange is a program design for numerous task with a sole aim of satisfying all it's customers. Each coin or token on a platform has different functions and purpose. This however is no difference with pulsar coin as it aims to serve in different purposes.

Introducing Pulsar

Pulsar aims to be available to all investors who are interested in cryto business regardless of the knowledge they posses about the system. To make things easier and with the user in mind, pulsar is developed as a program instead of branching it on other existing blockchains. This is done to give the user a friendly and easy interaction into the crytocurrency ecosystem. In addition, pulsar aims to create a decentralized exchange platform to make crypto transaction used on a regular basis. This is the main aim of pulsar- exchange, to make it a program in such a way it doesn't only rival other competitors but to be able to grow and surpass them.


Pulsar intends to spread and expand across the world. It wants to build a program that inovates and inspire the blockchain ecosystem as a whole. This will be done in the first few years as a target to grow and stabilize. The pulsar team will decide when the program is mature enough or grown with focus on expanding it's functionality.

With a team whose sole mission is to create a large scale use of cryptocurrency on a constitent level. Having realized that in the united states, the cryptocurrency is at disadvantage compared to other world, it has become necessary to change the narratives with this solution which will be useful for all transactions. Pulsar intends to have a secure and fast network accessible to it's users in an entire operation across the globe. This project will protect the user from all form of treats with a good system which will always test and monitor whatever operations is done to keep every transactions safe. Pulsar blockchain is HTTP, HTTPS, TCP AND UDP protected for all transactions and data to be safe.

Technical Detailing of Pulsar

This is a common problem in the cryptocurrency world where exchanges are always below level. However to avoid its cost and slowness, pulsar intends to make the program quick, cheaper and useful to all users.

Liquidity issue is also a problem in which the value of the coin (pulsar coin) as the median of transaction. The coin as the nucleus in operation will be made always with good value. Further, the coin will be use for multiple transactions on all decentralized currency exchanges.

Pulsar Coin Project Reinvestments Strategy

Pulsar coin will keep part of the revenue for advance or continued projects by getting faster and better blockchain ecosystem. With plans to develope a large community of users, pulsar will not enact a buy back of a token unless it becomes necessary. If so, a portion of the company's profit will be use to buy some tokens to maintain a price floor.

This strategy is in place to make sure all cryptocurrencies are useful and efficient in the pulsar blockchain. Using this profit will advance the growth of the company as a starting phase of the operation. A break down of how the profit will be spent include; 25% of the profit will be use to reinvest in the services, 35% for emergency use and 40% for marketing/ development.

Pulsar Coin & Its Utilization Instances

Pulsar coin is the coin that is use for multiple transactions. It is a median coin for present and future platform. Pulsar coin will be the heart of all exchanges with the aim to have high quantity and to be able to withstand high level of traffic of the coin in all exchange application. The coin is also like the US Dollar which has no inflation.

Further more, cryptocurrency is all about staking. With pulsar platform, ASIC miners have been eliminated which causes negative effect on the environment and the climate. Pulsar is now on a verge of compromise between proof-of-work and proof-of-stake rewards in the block chain ecosystem. With the algorithm chosen, CPU mining will still be in existence, although a bit harsh to mined compared to other blockchains. By choosing both rewards system, it allows for maximum efficiency and functionality in the block chain, and also protecting them.

Use Cases

Pulsar intends to make all transactions easy, cheap and efficient for its consumers. It also intends to have a friendly customer relationship and rewarding all transactions in pulsar USD tether. The team also will work with other organization and business enterprises to make the dream of pulsar a reality.

Project Development Roadmap


In Conclusion

Pulsar as an organization goal is to exist as a cryptocurrency exchanging platform capable of becoming a wallet and having pulsar coin as a coin use in purchasing other cryptocurrencies as well as using it for multiple payment and transaction for users who use the program. Also, the team intends to have a large amount of transactions programs and thereby becoming the future of all financial services. Do follow the official links i made available below for much more insights into the idea of Pulsar Coin, thanks.

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