OriJin Finance: A Decentralized Launchpad With Multi-Chain Compatibility

By thefreethinkeer | StartUpInsider | 28 Feb 2022


Blockchain and cryptocurrency technology is speedily gaining the attention of the world's economy with many startups keenly interested in launching their solution with the power of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Currently, there are so many Venture Capitals and Incubators thar are focused on supporting the development of great blockchain and crypto powered solution. In this article, i talked about Orijin Finance, a secure lauchpad that will support and power startups in multiple blockchains. 

Introducing Orijin Finance

Orijin Finance is a fully decentralized market for blockchain and cryptocurrency solution that enables an investor to invest in top capital projects token sales across multiple bloackchains. Orijin finance makes transactions easier for it's investors to access and invest in projects with easy-to-use platforms and dashboard. Orijin Finance functions also on Matic, Binance smart chain, and Etheruem with the inclusion of Solana and Avalanche blockchains which will soon be launch on the crypto platform.


Orijin Finance cross-chain IDO token launchpad platform enables upcoming innovative projects to be access easily by investors globally. This platform instantly provides and allows projects to be listed on uniswap, shushiswap, quicksawap and pancakeswap and soon AMM for Solana base tokens. Orijin finance has a lot of merit to an investor and a project owner. Some numerous advantages includes:

  • As an investor, you can participate in decentralize token pre-sale projects on IDO and ILO safe, easy and quick.
  • It allows an investor to view all cross chain investment opportunities, explore, source and invest in upcoming projects.
  • It also manages an investor's pre-sale investments from the " pay investment dashboard "

Furthermore, Orijin Finance provides services for the project owners which includes:

  • Project owner can advertise and raise funds directly on orijin finance and also list on top DEX exchanges like Uniswap, Pancakeswao and Shushiswap.
  • It also allows a project owner have abject control of his project using orijin easy to use UI and UX onboarding.
  • It allows the owner choose when to list on DEX exchanges once he reaches his target fundraising.
  • It also allows for choice of chain to list on.
  • It also create an ERC20 token or BEP20 token for a fixed fee which will be in the upcoming features.


Orijin Finance originated in April 2021 before it was soft launch in January 2022. The goal of origin finance is to reshape the way investors and project owners connect using innovative integrated KYC and AML blockchain technology. The first product of orijin finance was launch and called Orijin launchpad. This launchpad enables users to safely and quickly transact and invest in projects on all blockchains across the world.

Orijin Finance Investors

The orijin platform has made it easy, secure and simple for investors to invest in projects. On the platform, an investor will be presented with an option to select on the "invest" button on the left hand of the menu screen. After that, you are to choose which blockchain and exchange you wish to view potential opportunities on. The next screen will present and investor with all projects currently raising funds and seeking new investors to hide their target. Once you select on a project, you will be presented with an option to select on the "invest" button to prepare your first investment with orijin.

An investor should take note that no funds will be transferred until it has hit their soft cap or hard cap within a specified timeframe. The funds will be secured and held by smart contracts until the meet their required criteria.

Benefiting Features of Orijin Finance

  • Orjin Finance further creates Further Details for it's investors and project owners.
  • There is an Instant Exchange Listing. You can List on SushiSwap, Uniswap, Pancakeswap, Quickswap or Step Finance instantly upon successful campaign completion.
  • Easy whitelisting campaign, allowing project owners to run whitelisting address campaign at the click of a button
  • Easy to set Hardcap or Softcap.


  • An inbuilt opportunity to choose the targets for your campaign with easy-to-use UX/UI adjustable parameters.
  • Project owners can set maximum investment amounts users will be able to invest in your campaign flexibility.
  • Project owners can easily view the number of investors in your campaign.
  • Auto-Lock liquidity with the Orijin Liquidity locker for a specified duration with a few clicks.
  • Option to contact KYC & Audit partners and have your KYC/Audit results reflected on your campaign.

You Have a Great Solution that Requires Funding?

well if yes is the answer, thats what Orijin Finance is out to give to all remarkable ideas, simply follow the steps below to get started...

  • Choose the blockchain associated to the exchange you wish to list on. If it is an etheruem base token, you can launch it in iether uniswap or shushiswap.
  • Enter your contract address for the token you wish to raise funding for, then choose the funding currency to raise your fund.
  • Set your soft cap and hard cap.
  • Set your trading liquidity percentage and lock your liquidity for a specific time. The more the time frame, the more investors will be confident on investing.


  • Enter how many tokens will be available for investors to purchase.
  • Set your exchange listing rate percentage for the public market.
  • Set max limit for investors per wallet.
  • View your funding request summary by using dynamic slider to get ideas on how to raise fund results base on the level you want to achieve.
  • Select the payment plan that suits you and your project goals.
  • Check and make sure everything is correct before approving and confirming in your wallet.

Whitelisting for KYC & Auditing Partners

For an owner or creator launching an ILO soon on orijin launchpad, this for you. Orijin Finance has audits partners who update campaign for investors from a partner dashboard and mark your campaign with results once the audit is complete. Each auditor operates differently and independently with it's own processes, prices and timelines.

Orijin Finance has created WHITELISTED KYC partners for investors to contact in order to access and receive KYC services during campaigns. Orijin finance highly recommends new project owners who want to list on orijin to go through KYc vetting to enable them trust and increase their investment in your projects.

Orijin Token (ORIJIN) & Its Tokenomics

ORIJIN is the native asset/token of Origin Finance project ecosystem, the token is minted on Matic blockchain with a total supply of 300,000,000 ORIGIN tokens. They will serve as fuel that will power all economic activities of Origin Finance project ecosystem. Find a more detailed tokenomics below!


In Conclusion

Orijin Finance main aim is to make the process of investing in upcoming cryptocurrency projects easier and safer for investors. Both investors and project owners can benefit well from their services. Orijin finance is there a project specific own platform that enables upcoming innovative projects to be access easily by investors globally. Do follow the official links i made available below for much more insight into the idea of Origin Finance, thanks.

Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Telegram | Launchpad | Medium | GitHub 


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