HORGI: The Newest Dog Themed Memecoin

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Since the early days of bitcoin and cryptocurrency, Memecoins have been in existence, Dogecoin is the first and most popular memecoin in the cryptocurrency space, recently Elon Mosk company, Tesla plege their support to accept Dogecoin as a payment currency for their products. Memecoin projects have been springing up in large number especially in recent times, with many of them lacking a strong base. In this article, i talked  about Horgi, a dog themed memecoin on Binance Smart Chain.

Get to Know About Horgi

HORGI token is a dog themed memecoin in the cryptocurrency market which has been in existence for the past years. It is simply a dog meme coin that is obsessed with memes. Meme coins at first has been relatively scare and unpopular in the cryptocurrency market but has now become generally accepted as part of the cryptocurrency market. Since it's inception, it has widely been accepted as a way of earning tokens by a network of community users. However, memecoins has been in existence since 2013 with the creation of one which is called dogecoin. Others include joke and Shiva Inu memecoin which were created in 2020.


It is further a community driven memecoin with the community as an integral part if the Horgi token project. Memecoin has over the years seen a lot of price appreciation and massive gains since it's inception. Dogs are popular pets that are use as memes to bring coins to investors and transactions between popular cryptocurrency users. The mission and vision of these community owned network or Horgi token is to create a widely acceptable popular and valuable token assets that aims to offer a new and reliable cryptocurrency market in form of horgi tokens. Other mission and vision statement which includes:

  • Provides investors with an opportunity to enjoy the benefit of NFTs staking and locked liquidity.
  • Creation of a transparent and secure transactions with vibrant active community users with good tokens
  • Building a favorable market brand that it's investors can enjoy a lot of returns.
  • Ensure the maintenance of security, privacy, power and autonomy of its investors

Horgi Ecosystem in Detail

The HORGI ecosystem comprises of three important features which are: NFTs staking, escrow payment platform and a vibrant community.

  • NFTs Staking: to be able to gain a safest, friendliest method of gaining passive income in cryptocurrency, NFT holders will have to stake in BNB which will be further edited by secure assets fund for users (SAFU). The HORGI NFT is then release with staking features which include the escrow payment platform. An investor can also watch how the value of NFT staking continue to increase over time.
  • Escrow Services: Escrow service is a platform that allows service providers and investors in the cryptocurrency market to transact in absolute confidence and trust. Escrow service charge minimal fees which is further distributed as passive income to NFTs stakers.
  • Vibrant Community: HORGI token has a vibrant community that engages and ensures the success of all project within it's jurisdiction. The more the community grows and expand, the more HORGI brand becomes valuable. The community also allows members to engage in discussion to ensure acceptability and massive price gain of the HORGI token.

Potential Benefits of Utilizing Horgi

Utilizing Horgi ecosystem comes with a number of benefits which includes but not limited to:

  • Driven by an active community of meme lovers, thus one might consider themeselves member of this strong community if they engage with the solution.
  • The tokens have real utility that will drive it long term sustainability.
  • The community allows its members to support activities that add value to the brand, making the project community owned with everyone having the voice to shape things.
  • Horgi create and link bridges to other networks like ETH, FTM and POLYGON, thus being a part of the project makes one interoperable.
  • Safety and security is a paramount factor that Horgi is guaranteed to have assured the community of it.

Horgi NFTs

Horgi NFTs comprises of 1000 NFTs to be minted. Each NFT can be staked using BNB to earn passive income on NFT tax and HORGI tokens. Each rarity has different rate and will receive its rarity according to its rarity. The rarer the NFT, the higher the rewards.


Horgi Token (HORGI) & Its Tokenomics

HORGI token is the native asset of the project ecosystem, the token is minted on Binance Smart Chain with a maximum supply of 100,000,000,000 HORGi that will power all economic activities of its project's ecosystem. HORGI token provides longevity of projects with innovative and sustainable tokenomics. All buying and selling of HORGI is done using BNB and has a 10% tax fee which is further distributed as 5% is for marketing, 2% for NFT staking, 2% for liquidity pool and 1% for development.


Development Roadmap


In Conclusion

Horgi token is a dog meme coin that is obsessed with minting memes. Dogs are popular pets that are use as memes to bring coins to investors and transactions between popular cryptocurrency users. The HORGI token memecoin is base on the Horgi dog which is another breed of dog which is being merged or mixed. Though the dogs are small in structure, they are seen to be highly intelligent, friendly, wise, loyal and full of energy. Therefore, the horgi token aims to reflect the characterics of these cute breed of dogs on the binance smart chain to provide tokens to it's investors. Do follow the official links i made available below for much more insight into the idea of Horgi memecoin, thanks.

Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Telegram


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