G4G Token: Powering Cointech And Supporting The Development Of New Technologies

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The impact and benefits of technological research and innovations can never be overemphasized, knowledge and innovation have brought about a paradigm shift in virtually every sector of the global everyday life, ranging from health, education, agricultural, power/energy, security and financial secotors among several others. Despite all the recognized impact and importance of innovations, its very true that a lot of inventions out there with great potentials have not been implemented for the use of everybody due to a number of factors that ranges from poor presentation of the innovation by it creator to lack of faith in the innovation from part of investors, poor communication between investors and the innovator and protection of the interest of a certain elites.

In this article, i discussed about G4G Coin, the first decentralized asset that is issued by Cointech to take advantage of tokenization and digital assets towrds supporting the research and development of new technological products and solutions in global scale.

Introducing G4G Coin and Cointech Solution

G4G is a tokenized technological asset that is developed by Cointech project in order to utilize the power of blockchain and cryptocurrency innovation towards implementation of practical knowledge for liberation of the human mind. The idea is centered around utilization of digital assets to promote public awareness with regards to solutions for health related issues in the context of technological, economic and political development. In addition to further implementation of technological ideas, Cointech will empower the global populace with an access to series of educational materials titled 'The Right to Self-Determination and Health Intelligence in the 21st Century.


Originated from Tallinn (Estonia), Cointech project has a partnership with International Federation of Inventors’ Association (IFIA), a non profit organization of known great inventors from around the world in order to gain access to evaluating the viability of technological projects and utilization of invented resources from around the world. Cointech also have a close cooperation with the Association of Polish Inventors and Rationalizers (SPWiR), a Polish counterpart of IFIA. Cointech will play the role of organizing for the global populace a secret webinars as well as access to educational material from Stanislaw and Remigiusz Szczepaniak among others on health education and new technologies.

Judging from history, its a fact the new knowledge and technology are initially ridiculed, then subsequently they get questioned, and then finally it takes a loosing or winning position. But before these all happened, the knowledge and technology may seem inconvenient, thus it could be hidden or discredited all in the bid to protect the interest of a certain persons even at the detriment of the human race. Developing an innovation from scratch to commercialization requires not just knowledge but a combination of money, determination and courage. Cointech aims at promoting the commercialization of inventions that are human friendly through the utilization of G4G digital assets and cooperation of the global populace.


World's First Initial Technological Token Offering (ITTO)

Cointech project team has a whooping 35 years of experience in technological ideas implementation that was drawn from family business, INWEX, Their mission is to guide partners on how to successfully implement technological solutions and products. In event of establishment of an Investment Fund, Cointech assumes investment and development of start-ups that have a high possibility of social utility with economic and technological potentials. The development and implementation of some technologies such as drugs, alternate sources of energy, healthy food production and blockchain technology among others may seem inconvenient to big businesses and multinational cooperations, Cointech assumes the possibility of investing in these kinds of projects.


Cointech's ITTO panel is an online platform where investors can register with an email or social media account in order to be able to pledge their support for start-ups after going through KYC and AML policy verification. The ITTO platform will support various payment options ranging from fiat and mastercard payment to ETH, BNB, BUSD and BTC settlements as well as support for startups in multiple blockchains.

Cointech's Potential Project

In the event of establishment of an investment fund, Cointech plan to implement the following potential projects:

  • Biotechnologia/TGS: This is an advance biotechnological project with the mission to invent new and active medications for the treatment of chronic lifestyle diseases such as cancer and inflammatory diseases.
  • Aim Foods: This project have been implemented by INWEX Foods with the aim of creating new quality foods through the combination of traditional cultivation techniques with modern ones that involves chemical and biochemical technology that has been tested to be safe for humans, animals and the environment.
  • Clinic of Cronic and Lifestyle Diseases: This is a clinic that will respond to comprehensive health problems that affect people in this 21st century. The project aims at helping people that are battling with lifestyle diseases as well as to raise and share awareness and knowledge about prevention and better nutrition, supplement and exercises.

Cointech's Token (G4G) Economics & Use Cases

G4G is the primary utility token of Cointech's project ecosystem, the token is minted with a total supply of 1000,000,000 G4G that will serve as the fuel that powers all operations with Cointech's project ecosystem. G4G issuance will be powered by the innovative Initial Technological Token Offering (ITTO). Holding the token will grant one access to the use of dedicated educational materials, training contents, joining webinars and e-books downloads among others, allowing one to take care of their precious health and long life in a proper and conscious manner.


Meet the Project Development Team


Notably Partners


Project Development Roadmap


In Conclusion

Cointech is powering the world's first Initial Technological Token Offering (ITTO) with its revolutionary G4G token. ITTO idea will support the development of start-ups with high economic, social and technological potentials from the stage of idea innovation to attainment of full economic independence. Purchasing and holding G4G token will grant one access to a lot of benefits, It will be worth it to consider being a part of the solution from this stage. Do follow the offial links i made available below for much more into the idea of Cointech and G4G token, thanks.

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