EGO Paysenger: Powering The Next Generation of Communication Monetization

By thefreethinkeer | StartUpInsider | 25 Feb 2022


The global spread, adoption and penetration of social networking is steadily on the increase, with friends and families striving to get closer to themselves, fans pushing to connect with artist and vise versa, giving influencers a close connections with the people. This has triggered a new form of communication where everyone has a unique content type that they like to watch, admire and engage with.

Its very true that the majority of the traditional social netwoking platforms are pure centralized in the sense that it is only the platform's owners that control everything solely including economic benefits, without any provision for users whome are the content producers and consumers to monetize their usage of the platform. This call for an emergence of new generation of social networking platforms that are purely decentralized, thus breaking the traditional type of centralized networking. In this article, i talked about Paysenger, a revolutionary social netwoking platform that created new ethics for monetizing communications.

Get to Know About Paysenger

Putting it short, Paysenger is a social networking platform that monetizes communication by creating a new networking ethic in a world where connection between people is on a rise and expansion while leaving the volume of attention on a standstill. Paysenger is making connections between people and key personalities more easier by creating an avenue that allow paying for attention with fiats or the platform's utility token (EGO). Thus, seeking the attention of a celebrity or the advice of an expert is easy as walking in a park since all it takes is paying for their attention with Paysenger.


Now a unique feature about Paysenger is that contents of users request and response messages can be converted into NFTs and stored as part of user's own collection, these NFTs can also be traded for real value in the platform's own nft marketplace, now this is a revolutionary idea for NFTs and social network monetization. With a goal that is targeted at enabling a decentralized and mutually beneficial communication between influencers with the community and to provide the community with a reliable medium of reaching the right person to receive a service by prioritizing and monetizing attention to influencers, Paysenger allow for communication of interest in quite convenient formats that includes: text, audio and video chats, and conferences, with ability to share files of which ever format.

Understanding Paysenger Solution & Who Its Designed for

Paysenger have a high utilization potential not only for bloggers and celebrities but also people and companies whome time is an expensive resource for them, these includes: Venture Capitals and people with opportunities and ideas that receives a lot of public proposals. Paysenger is believed to become a hit in the near future as the group of minds behind its development is quite bent down on social functionality of the product.


Aside the private attention request feature on the platform, it also features a public request feature that is based on a mutual agreement with the addressee. Users can publish there requests and response in their profiles, allowing their subscribers to see the contents in their feeds as well as rate and comments on them. Users can do the same to their created NFts. Paysenger also aims at pushing a wide adoption of NFTs, attracting influencers with huge audience to the platform will push NFTs into becoming a part of the daily life of the fans of these influencers.

Paysenger Token (EGO) & Tokenomics

EGO is the native utility asset of Paysenger platform's ecosystem, the token is minted in Binance Smart Chain blockchain with a total supply of 1000,000,000 EGO token that will fuel the economic activities of Paysenger's ecosystem. EGO will power a wide range of utilities that ranges from pairs for nft trades to paying for attention, staking and subcription to various internal and personalized services. Find a detailed tokenomics below and in the whitepaper.


Meet the Team


Project Development Roadmap


In Conclusion

Social Networking is quite a huge space in our today's world with a very deep penetration and huge market capitalization, emerging technologies such as blockchain, cryptocurrencies and nfts are are revolutionary technologies that are gaining a huge global acceptance, Paysenger is a revolutionary social networking ecosystem that is integrating these emerging revolutionary technologies particularly NFTs, thus widening adoption and creating so much value. Do follow the official links i made available below for much more into the idea of EGO Paysenger, thanks.

Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Facebook | Telegram | Medium | Discord 


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