E$P: A Tech Driven Ecosystem that Powers Education, Energy/Solar and Electronic Supply-Chain Payments

By thefreethinkeer | StartUpInsider | 14 Aug 2021

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Cryptocurrency is possibly the biggest digital asset for investment. because it is easy to use, secure, and permits to reduce down steep exchange expenses. It is the most extreme thing in the monetary market that has demonstrated to be an interference lifter in monetary exchanges around the world. Utilizing blockchain innovation, cryptocurrency has figured out how to set up a decentralized, straightforward, and inaccessible accountable system.

Introducing E$P Project

The principal reasonable inquiry is what does ESP rely on? Schooling and Solar Projects. However the foundations of this project based on Education and Solar Projects, there is a whole other world to the story, with a lot further long haul vision. At its heart, monetary forms are utilized for making installments. Here is truly where our center remaining parts. ESP has various implications. Instruction System Payments, Energy and Solar Programs, Electronic Supply-Chain Payments and others. This record will discuss how our vision will make an ecosystem that will uphold both shut and completely decentralized use cases. Each utilization case is profoundly engaged where we feel our E$P token gives utility.

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The ESP ecosystem contains an ERC-20 style utility Token utilized in both open Decentralized applications and shut upward situated systems. The E$P token has arranged explicit use cases in Education, Energy and Solar just as more broad electronic installment platforms. ESP believes that having designated, utilize explicit tokens, centers value and utility while encouraging a similar local area ecosystem conveying significant outcomes with their items and services and accomplishing something that is important. The ESP project is only the beginning and not simply a Token. With a drawn out vision and guide intended to convey value, accommodation and solace.

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ESP COIN centers around advancement in Education, Renewable Energy and Decentralized Finance (DeFi). The starting points of this project emerged from a need in the Education and Solar Energy areas that started the idea of individual ecosystems both of which required a Token Payment arrangement. Subsequently, the E$P Project has begun. Join our vision and assist with having an effect in understudies' lives, and assist with saving our planet.

E$P Token Utility

The project's underlying ERC-20 Token on Ethereum is E$P with a total upply 400 billion tokens, the tokens will serve as major utility token that will be utilized for all operations within the project ecosystem. A 1% Transaction duty will be charged for every transaction, allotment of the 1% is as per the following;

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0.5% Will Be Directly Burned By Smart Contract until absolute max flow diminishes to 50 Billion Tokens 0.5% Will Be Redistributed across all record holders. When max course decreases to 50 Billion, The whole 1% exchange duty will be assigned across all record holders. Exchange wallets will be barred just as wallets with more than 1 Billion E$P tokens.

Buy Back Plan

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Profit from dynamic tasks (return on capital) will be 90% distributed to buy tokens in open dissemination. Bought Tokens will be promptly burnt and won't be available for distribution until max course decreases to 50 Billion. All bought Tokens in the Token Buy Back program will be completely recorded on the website with exchange ID's to approve expulsion from flow. The Token Buy Back program will proceed for the existence of the project, when the maximum flow diminishes to 50 Billion Tokens, the Tokens won't longer be burnt and will be allotted to the project depository.

E$P Project Reward System

The Distribution Function will haphazardly choose records to distribute the Transaction Tax for every exchange. The distribution account selector will have a measurement probability equivalent for all records. We have picked this technique to diminish the Ethereum Gas expenses related with composing extreme information to the blockchain. Records with a zero balance will be ineligible to get the distribution grant. This will be a coded work in the Smart agreement. The token is modified to be pretty much as lightweight as possible to keep away from exorbitant Ethereum Gas expenses. Thus, separate keen agreements called the Seed Contract will be set up to deal with the pre-pubic offer of tokens. 

E$P Project Team

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In Conclusion

E$P is one unique project, whose major goal is to make a significant impact on improving the effectiveness of the Education, Energy/Solar and Electronic Supply-Chain Payments industry by using a technology driven ecosystem of products and services based in their E$P utility Token. This is one remarkable idea to look out for in the near future as it certainly do very well in the long run. Do follow the official links that i provided below in order to catch with much more about the project, thanks.









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