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By thefreethinkeer | StartUpInsider | 2 Oct 2022

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The internet has witness an array of rising cyber crime and has become a bedrock for fraudsters. Most users online become victims of cyber crime in one way or the other. Fraudster have seen the development of technology as a way to scam and decieve innocent users. These actions by internet fraudsters or scammers make people fall for their dubious tricks and lose their money on a daily basis.

However, as a victim of scam, do you want to get your investment back? Do you want to gain everything lost and make more profit at the same time? If you want that, DollarBack is for you, a community project that is out to provide users with the opportunity to earn back their lost investments to scam and make more profit.

Introducing DollarBack

The goal of DollarBack is to build an active community of users which grows automatically by adding more members from common social media platforms. The community is the paramount pillar of DollarBack as it aims to make the project a success together. Each member can give his contribution to support the project through their commitment and diligence.


DollarBack works in two different ways. For giveaway and for for holders. For giveaway: the user first buys $BACK and then registers by filling the form on the website, then send verification of scam products and information. There will be provision for a wallet to send the scam tokens. After that, stake $BACK, participate in the giveaway draw, win the draw, and finally regain your investment. For Holders: the user simply purchases $BACK, hold $BACK, get rewards generate profits and then help others.

How Dollar$Back Work In Details

There are spot to be filled for DollarBack giveaway for the community users. Everyone can gain their lost money or investment through giveaways. To be able to get the giveaway, a user has to buy and stake the DollarBack token first. Then verify the amount of investment lost on the website and also send the scam token to a wallet made specifically for scam tokens. Only those who actually lost their money to a scam can get the chance to win it back.


DollarBack for a holder creates a high volume to generate more income for giveaway by staking. DollarBack is expecting a steady growing rate with a long-run, as there are plenty of victims of scam. By buying the token, victims assist other victims. Holders are always rewarded regularly. A user also benefits more when he adds more tokens into the wallet to earn more profit. This feature is turned off for staked tokens. It is meant to only reward the supporters. DollarBack website is strongly build with a launchpad that allows users to buy, stake, participate, and win.


DollarBack Token, $BACK & Its Tokenomics

Very paramount is the the DollarBack token, $BACK. DollarBack has created $BACK as its official token, minted on Binance Smart Chain with a total supply of 300,000,000,000 $BACK. The fees for buying and selling has been divided to finance the DollarBack project in various ways that includes;

For sell: 3% developer fees, 2% marketing fee, 2% clarity fees, 2% auto liquidity fee, and 2% holders rewards fee. While for buy: 2% marketing fees, 2% Developers fees, 3% clarity fees, 2% liquidity fees and 2% holders rewards fees. With the created token, rights after pre-sale will be up so there will be no changes to be made anymore. Find detailed tokenomics of the token below.


Meet The Team


Development Timeline


In Conclusion

DollarBack is a project created to help victims of scam regain their lost investment by buying $BACK. It is a simple platform for users as the goal is to make the user their interest. Those affected by scammers are DollarBack priority. A user can earn money though giveaway, or by staking to earn more $BACK. To be part of the community, a user simply registers on the website and fill the form to start earning.

DollarBack has a launchpad that allows users to buy, stake, participate in giveaways and win. The aim of DollarBack is to enter into partnership with similar projects to build a wider and larger scale with anti-scam network. Follow the links below for much more into the idea and solution of DollarBack, thanks.

Website || Whitepaper || Telegram || Twitter || Facebook || Instagram || Reddit || GitHub || YouTube


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