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In the recent world, almost everyone wants to be happy and entertain while struggling to survive. The big brother show is a reality show "unification of diversity" as a main motivation for the show. BBNT is a community that is evolving from the traditional thinking and strict social structure out to solve problems and to discover new of interactions. The world is brought together by thousands and thousands of connected moments and memories. The BBNT has developed a token ecosystem that help entertain and empower the community.

Get to Know About Big Brother Nation Token (BBNT)

Big brother nations is a decentralized unique project that is building and enthusiast community. It intenda to gather members across the world as they believe community execution of tokens are useless and meaningless if people do not give it meaning. BBNT aims to popularize a community community and make something out of nothing. BBNT are group of programmers, designers, moderators, presenters and marketers who are out to provide support to any member across the world. Therefore, BBNT is a community of fast growing members with online and offline events aim at entertaining and empowering the community.


BBNT project developers choose to deploy their solution on Binance smart-chain (BSC) because is a blockchain protocol developed to support smart contracts functionality and compatibility with ethereum virtual machines. BSC interoperability allows a user to take merit of a large ecosystem with a variety of potential applications. For these reasons, BBNT has chosen binance smart chain for purposes like;

  • Cheap transactions: blockchain fee or transaction fee is the cost a user use in performing transactions on the blockchain.
  • Transaction fee: A user receives fast series of confirmation on the blockchain before completing a transaction. The longer it takes to confirm a transaction, the longer it will take to complete a transaction. Therefore BBNT chooses BSC for quick and easy transactions.


Big Brother Nation Token Project Vision and Mission

BBNT project team has a vision that is committed to building the best decentralized ecosystem (DECO) in the world to provide security for trading valuable crypto assets and to be fully dedicated to investors growth and development. It also aims to create a dedicated team from within its community. The project's sole mission is to create rewarding competition daily with daily online task that earns job for holders and users. It further wants to incorporate the BBNT token as utility token for voting during the Big Brother show.


Big Brother Nation Token (BBNT) With Its Utility and Tokenomics

BBNT token is the native utility asset of Big Brother Nation Token project ecosystem, the token is minted in Binance Smart Chain with a total supply of 100Billion BBNT with smart fee of 10% into the voting wallet. Regular users will not be tasked but 50% percent of the voting wallet fees goes to the reflectors just for holding tokens. The other 50% is paid to the liquid pool. BBNT fan token is a community utility token that provides detailed fan insight to big brother series, followers and enthusiasts.


BBNT token's utility is use daily by big brother fans to vote from anywhere across the world. As a way of rewarding users, BBNT allows holds of NTFs, buying and selling of tokens on the market, collection of exceptional monthly products, and to participate in exciting and unique fans events and connecting with others in the community. BBNT further offers holders of BBNT token a VIP fan experience. Also, through partnership, BBNT will be use as an alternative voting system in reality shows.

  • BBNT will set up voting events for holders to stake and earn.
  • To create weekly earning jobs for holders and survey task with earning.
  • Going into partnerships with housemates to create non-fungible tokens which their fans can trade and hold on to.
  • Creating a leaderboard to earn points and compete with fans to win rewards.
  • BBNT will be organizing trivial games to win prices.


BBNToken Fees and Vesting Schedule

Crypto voting will be done with BBN token. The token is created to reward owners and active community members. During the show, coins received in the show wallet will have a 10% transaction tax return to liquidity. BBNT has created two functions with this transaction. 5% LP acquisition and buy back while 5% for reflection community. BBNToken team and contributors have different vesting period during the preslae stages, this includes;

  • Team: 10% of the token will be allocated to the team 30 days after release and a 30 day vesting cycle rate of 3%.
  • Contributors: participants in the public sale will receive 20% of their lots and a 30 days vesting period. 10% of the tokens will be release within cycles. Participants in the private sales will receive 20% on vesting period cycle of 30 days and 5% token release within the cycles.

Meet the Team


Project Development Roadmap


In Conclusion

BBNT is a growing community of enthusiast that want to merge entertainment and profit earnings to a large community of users. BBNT is a social structure that entertains users with a reality show that will give opportunity for users to earn tokens. The sole aim of BBNT is to establish a decentralize ecosystem that will reward users with daily competitions. The BBNT token will be use for multiple functions that includes voting during the big brother show. Do follow the official links i made available below for much more into the idea of BBNToken, thanks.

Website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Medium | Discord | Join Presale


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