Tron network scams!

By leshjedan | Starting Up | 31 May 2021

Scam UMEScam USBTScam FISTScam USHTA while ago, I wrote about scam that is happening on tron network. Just recently I got another "airdrop" of some fake coins. USHT, USBT, UME, FIST - for now, somehow I feel there will be more. Don't fall for it guys. Don't let your greed get to you. You will not be able to swap the coins to TRX as said. You will only end up beeing a joke. You can always see that a coin is not valid, if it's reputation is unknown. You can always search online for anything involving that coin, most of the times you will be presented with their website or their exchange. You can see how much of work was put into that kind of website or exchange, and you can always report it to various communities and save a person from getting scammed. There is a lot of people involved with the groups on telegram, twitter and many more platforms that are willing to help. There is always someone who knows more, and can maybe get to the end of it. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Don't be ashamed of not knowing, beeing a noob is natural process. We were all noobs at one point. That's nothing to be ashamed of. Thinking that you know when you actually don't is. That's just playing dumb. If you ever need help, try asking for it. You will be surprised how many people will offer it. Of course, never give your username and password, your private key or your seed phrase that would allow somebody to access your wallet. There are also ones that offer help before you even ask for it. Those are scammers. Just use your common sense and approach to every situation with caution and you're on a good way to not getting scammed. Always stay cautious, question everything, and make sure before any move you make you DYOR. Stay safe guys, as this covid situation is not enough already, there is another enemy we have to fight, and that enemy are scammers of all sorts. Stay vigilant and don't fall for it...



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