Faucets, PTC: how much is worth your click ?

By Engilhramn | Starting beggar | 24 Jan 2022

TLDR : just scroll down to the final list

I started 2022 with the resolution to get into cryptocurrencies. Well, to get cryptocurrencies. For free. Of course.
That's how I put my head in the world of faucets and pay-to-click. Pennies, right? But as said my grand-mother : "it's with cents that you make dollars".

I quickly discovered that free comes at a charge, a charge of your time. How to minimise your time spent while maximizing your earnings?

So I offer you a comparision of the most popular websites.
Spoiler: the value of clicks can vary by a factor of 7.

Disclaimer :
- I only compare clicks here, as a time-limited efficiency. The frequency of claims or the amount of PTC ads available is not taken into account
- for comparison purpose, data was taken with bitcoin around 40 000 dollars. So yeah, you would get 2 or 1.8 or 2.2 satoshis here or there : the absolute values may be off but not the relative values.
- I shamelessly add my referal in the links, if someone wants to be my first refered user ever

Nice site overall, clean interface and more importantly : they pay well.
The hourly faucel brings at least 0.0022 dollars, but prime numbers give twice more and you have 30% chance to get a bonified roll.
The PTC is honest, ranging from 0.0006 to 0.0024 dollars, averaging around 0.0012 dollars. The ad window can stay inactive.
And on top of that, they pay weekly interests of 5% APY on your balance. It was my favorite site before I realized the offerwall didn't pay that much. Still one of the best nonetheless.

This site does only one thing but does it well : PTC. No sophisticated interface, just click your ads (the window doesn't need focus) and get your satoshis.
And indeed they do that better than the others. The PTC range from 2 to 20 satoshis, averaging 4 satoshis. It's the best paying PTC around. Maybe not the biggest number of ads to click, but if you want to use wisely your time then you should start here.

The strength of this one is the faucet. You can claim hourly 4 different coins and you get around 2 satoshi for each. Ok, ok, that's technically more than 1 click but you can claim them all in less than a minute.
The PTC is ok but not great. The ad window can stay inactive and the range goes from 1 to 7 satoshis, averaging quite low around 2.5 satoshis.
I usually only claim the faucet and the best paying ads (hopefully they are cleanly listed with the best paying on top).

This site is the demonstration of the power of marketing! It seems quite popular, the website is well-made and looks great. You can get paid in 53 different coins, you get 20% more on your claims during weekends, plus different other bonuses to reward your fidelity.
Sounds good, right? Well, usually, rewards increasing with your activity mean that you've been so ripped off since the beginning that you can get a few crumbs more.
You gain "Dutchy" by doing stuff and then can exchange these for crypto. You need around 140 Dutchies for 1 satoshi. You can get 100 Dutchy every 30 min by rolling the faucet, and the PTC ranges from 48 to 120 dutchies, the average should be around 80 dutchies.
Now if you claim with the 20% bonus on weekend, that makes a faucet at 0.85 satoshi and an average PTC at 0.7 satoshi (and to add to the bother, the window has to stay active). That's right: the worst paying.

Same principle than Dutchycorp : you claim ACP that you can then exchange for whatever you like. Not much more to say.
The faucet can be claim every 30 minutes and is worth around 40-50 ACP.
The PTC is the most annoying one with a captcha to complete every time, 4 numbers to fill in, and lands you 50 ACP.
Be it faucet or ACP, you gain around 1 satoshi per click.

If like me you're short on time, then prioritize your clicks:
CoinPayU faucet : 0.0032$ (4 times 2 satoshis)
Cointiply faucet : 0.0022$
AdBTC PTC : 0.0016$
Cointiply PTC : 0.0012$
CoinPayU PTC : 0.0010$
Firefaucet PTC : 0.0004$
Dutchycorp PTC : 0.0003$

If you want me to review some other sites, or if you know some better paying ones, please feel free to comment :)

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